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Posted on September 30, 2019 in 2019 Back To School Gift Guide

John Paul Pet Products are our favorite, for Belle, our Shih Tzu!  She always smells so good, when we are done bathing her, and her coat shines like the sun.  I love the brush, too.  It makes her coat not all knotty, between baths.  Belle loves it too, you can tell by the way she acts.

The Oatmeal Shampoo is great.  It gets her coat so shiny, and ready-to-go for a while.  We use the Oatmeal Shampoo, on Belle, every other week.  We like keeping her clean, and the smell lasts so long.

The Lavender Mint Detangling Spray makes it easy to brush Belle.  There’s no tangles left, after spraying her, and brushing gently.  We love this formula, and use it weekly, to keep knots to a minimum.

The Tooth & Gum Wipes are magnificent, for keeping the teeth clean.  I’d never heard of these, until recently, and now I’m addicted to using them on Belle.  I use a new wipe every other day, to ensure her teeth & gums are nice and clean.

The Waterless Foam Shampoo, we use every other week, in between baths, to keep Belle smelling fresh, and we love this formula.

I love taking care of Belle, so well, with John Paul Pet products.  I don’t know where they have been her entire life, but now, I can make sure to keep her nice and clean with their numerous formulas of products.  Belle doesn’t hate the bath, like before, because she knows she’s getting bathed with top of the line products.

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This product was received from the Company for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post are my own and I was not paid to endorse it. I am only voicing my opinion about this product.


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