Nonni’s are awesome
Reviews / June 12, 2015

Nonni’s is great for coffee.  All their different flavors are superb.  Once you try it, you will learn you don’t want to live without it.  They are very flavorful. They are always something to put out, and are a great conversational appetizer.  Very enjoyable are Nonni’s Thinaddictives. I enjoyed them, my Mother enjoyed them.  My sister in law said, “I’ve never tasted anything so great.” It doesn’t matter if you eat them with or without coffee, they taste wonderful, no matter what. Portion size is controlled to where it’s individually wrapped, which is nice.  So you get the perfect amount for your liking. The nutrition is good.  This includes the Carbohydrate intake, Sugars are low, and there’s only 100 calories per package. The flavors consist of:  Mango Coconut, Cinnamon Raisin, Cranberry & more. They are very light on  your stomach, and easily carried in your purse for that on the go person. “Nonni’s Foods LLC is the leading domestic baker and marketer of premium branded biscotti. We market our biscotti under the Nonni’s brand name. The company bakes high quality products that are sold within the premium cookie category. Consumer interest and demand for great tasting, healthier treats and snacks…

DreamWorks Dragons Race to the Edge Netflix Series
Movies / June 2, 2015

Hiccup stumbles upon a mysterious, ancient treasure while exploring an abandoned, booby-trapped ship. Will he uncover the truth behind this highly protected secret? Find out when DreamWorks Animation’s “Dragons: Race to the Edge” debuts June 26th exclusively on Netflix and share a sneak peek with this clip from the series below!