Kennywood’s Holiday Lights Festival Now Through Dec 23, 2016
2016 Holiday Gift Guide , Reviews / December 11, 2016

Kennywood is our favorite place to go this time of year, to see all the beautiful lights.  From the time you get there, til the time you leave, you are surrounded by the most beautiful lights, in the area.  Not to mention, all the Christmas figures you see along the way, and Gingerbread Express, that’s all decked out in Gingerbread characters. Jacob, Sarah & Josh had a blast last night.  With Jacob only being 5, he was tuckered out way before 19 year old, Sarah, and 20 year old, Josh.  We had a blast though.  Sarah & Josh got their pictures taken with several of the Christmas figures, and they also rode the Gingerbread Express.  It was awful cold last night, but looking at the lights, always warms us up.  It’s so much fun to see the changes year by year. Sarah said the Gingerbread Express was so awesome, and her Grandma would’ve loved it, if she would’ve gone with us.  My mom loves Gingerbread anything.  That’s what she collects.  So, as Sarah said, she would’ve been in Heaven. Noah’s Ark looked so cool.  Jacob, my 5 year old, wouldn’t go in though, so I stayed outside with him, while… for those with not so perfect eyes
2016 Holiday Gift Guide , Reviews / December 5, 2016 is the perfect site, to shop at, if you have less than perfect eyes. My eyes are less than perfect, and my wife came across, and I love their product.  Not cheaply made, but at an excellent price.  I love the Reno Sun Reader.  They have a sunglass built into them.  This is perfect.  I’m remodeling my home, and now I can use my glasses for inside and outside work.  They change in no time at all, and are so great.  They are so stylish, as well. A simple style like our Reno Sun Reader is all that you will need for an outdoor afternoon of reading or driving! This full framed style has a lightweight design with tinted polycarbonate lenses. There are many styles, for men and women, but these were the ones that I fell in love with, and I’m glad I did.  They fit perfectly on me, and like I said, while remodeling, I can go in and out of the house, with them on. You pick the color, and the power, and does the rest.  I’ve found these to be cheaper than the glasses found at the local stores.  I can’t get over…

Salonpas for your Pain
2016 Holiday Gift Guide , Reviews / December 5, 2016

Salonpas is a great product.  We’ve used it for years. I love Salonpas.  I’m not athletic, but I am remodeling my home, and have the same pains as an athlete.  I suffer from Arthritis, and it’s pretty severe.  So, when I put Salonpas on the aches & pains, it really helps.  I’m so pleased with the outcome of how Salonpas makes me feel. My wife, Steph, has tendonitis, in her left arm, so she uses Salonpas on her arm.  She said, “I love how it takes the pain away!”  She is left handed, so it’s pretty important that she is able to use Salonpas, to take the pain away. Sarah, my 19 year old step daughter, also uses Salonpas, for her back.  She fell when she was 14, and now her back bugs her.  She loves the way Salonpas makes her feel, as well.  She said she doesn’t know how she got around, before we discovered Salonpas. Now they have Salonpas, with Lidocaine.  It’s a great formula, that helps to numb the area, where the patch is.  Sarah loves this product. Product Highlights Maximum strength available without a prescription Desensitize aggravated nerves  Numbing relief  Unscented Here’s some FAQ, from Salonpas’ Page:…

Glossique for Pretty Nails This Holiday Season
2016 Holiday Gift Guide , kids , Reviews / December 4, 2016

Glossique is a wonderful brand for Nail Wraps, this Holiday Season. My 19 year old, daughter, already confiscated my nails.  She loves them, and says they are so easy to put on.  She loves the styles that Glossique has to offer, and how fancy they make her nails look.  Sarah truly adores these wraps. Glossique has regular nail wraps, and special Petite for little ones in your life.  Glossique has so many styles to choose from, and they are all so amazing.  The Reindeer nails are my favorite.  Aren’t they so cute? My mother in law’s favorite Nail Wraps, are the ones shown directly above.  Her husband, and son, are avid hunters, and she figured they would like the style, as much as she does.  I do think they are really fancy, and so cute.  It will remind my husband of the deer he didn’t get. There are so many nail wraps to choose from, and they even have really fancy ones, for New Year’s Day (Eve).  You will love the wraps from Glossique, I know my family does. No drying, no chipping, no smudging. Glossique Nail Deco provides a safe and creative way to express yourself through fingernail design….

Pilot Flying J Travel Centers has Great Gifts For the Holidays
2016 Holiday Gift Guide , Reviews / December 3, 2016

Are you on the go, and need the perfect Christmas Present?  You need to stop at one of the Pilot Flying J Travel Centers, for an amazing gift for that someone special. I recently received an M&M Bluetooth Speaker, and I love it.  I collect M&M merchandise, so this was perfect for me.  He is so cute, and he sits on my desk, so I can listen to music when I’m doing my writing.  There are 4 colors to choose from, but I wouldn’t trade my Yellow M&M for anything.  He’s just so sweet looking, and the sound is superb. Music lovers on your list will love the portable and fun M&Ms Bluetooth speaker. Equipped with charging capabilities and a mirco USB cable, this speaker lets you listen to your music both at home and on the go. But, the M&M Speaker isn’t the only thing that Pilot Flying J Travel Centers has right now.  They also have foam NFL Wall signs, Garmins, headphones, Sky Drone, and more.  You really have to stop by a Travel Center, and see what is there.  And, everything is greatly priced, some prices are already reduced. These 3D foam wall signs are the perfect gift…

Mr Clean for your Holiday Messes this Holiday Season
2016 Holiday Gift Guide , Reviews / December 3, 2016

Mr Clean has an entire line up of products. I love the push mop, from Mr Clean.  It cleans up my floor so nicely.  My 5 year old makes a huge mess, and I can get everything from crayon to juice off of the hardwood flooring.  And, the Breeze Mop cleans up in a breeze. Cleaning floors is now easier than ever with this new self-wringing microfiber mop. The Mr. Clean Breeze Mop is designed with an innovative technology that allows consumers to use it both wet or dry. With a head that snaps back into place for wringing or storage, the Mr. Clean Breeze Mop picks up dust, pet hair and debris quickly and efficiently, and takes the strain out of cleaning with a convenient self-wringing feature. Other features include a washable and reusable microfiber pad. Ok, so I’m one that gets a manicure, often.  so, the bliss gloves help to protect my manicures.  I love them.  Keep my hands dry, and safe. The Mr. Clean Bliss Gloves aren’t just for washing dishes; they can be used to aid in cleaning any room in the house. Designed with a 12-inch long cuff and a waffle pattern that offers a…

Prime Time Toys for the Holiday Season
2016 Holiday Gift Guide , kids , Reviews / December 3, 2016

Have you heard of Prime Time Toys? Prime Time Toys has brought my family lots of hours of fun.  The Dart Zone Blasters are so much fun.  My 5 year old, son, and myself, have been playing with them, and the blasters bring a smile to his face everytime.  The Dart Zone Blasters are unique, and are inexpensive.  You can get them so easily, go to the link in this paragraph, to order.  Jacob hasn’t stopped playing with the Dart Zone Blaster for 2 weeks.  From morning til night, he has the blaster in his hand.  We’ve taught him to aim at a target, and he is having a blast. Here’s more about the Havoc ($9.99): The Havoc Powerclip Blaster features a unique sideswipe tactical grip for ease in loading and firing during the most epic of dart battles.  With trigger-fire action and with an auto-advance vertical clip, this blaster is sure to cause havoc on the enemy.  Shoots up to 80 feet with 2 Ammo Clip and 16 Darts. The Zippi Pets are super cool too.  As a matter of fact, my 19 year old, plays with it all the time.  I know she’s older, but she still enjoys…

HoopMama’s Hoops for the Holiday
2016 Holiday Gift Guide , kids , Reviews / November 30, 2016

Who doesn’t love to Hula Hoop? My 19 year old, daughter, and my wife, are pretty much experts, now.  With Hoopmama’s Hula Hoops, they’ve learned so much in two weeks.  My 5 year old, son, is getting the hang of it, but he didn’t catch on as fast as Sarah, and Steph.  They have so much fun, playing in the evening with Hoopmama’s.  And, Jacob loves the Superman Hula Hoop that was sent for him.  We are having so much fun, together.  Now that we have these hoops, it’s giving us something to do with our time.  We would just sit on our butts, and watch television, but with Hoopmama’s hoops, we are getting a little bit of exercise.  My daughter, Sarah, really gets a workout.  She says how much fun she’s having. We are remodeling, so everything is moved around in our home, but Sarah goes in the addition, and goes to town, with her hoop.  I’ve never seen the girl have so much fun.  Even Steph, my wife, is having fun, and she doesn’t exercise, like she’s supposed to.  However, she says she can feel the burn in her thighs, after she plays with Hoopmama’s hoops. You can…

Whiffer Sniffers for the little one on your list this year
2016 Holiday Gift Guide , kids , Reviews / November 30, 2016

Whiffer Sniffers smell exactly like the product that they are supposed to smell like. Jacob, my 5 year old, received some whiffer sniffers a few weeks ago.  He loves them.  Says, “Mommy, it smells so good, I could eat it.”  I call him a “silly boy”.  But, they do smell unbelievable.  It’s astonishing, how they can smell exactly like the product.  And, it’s been two weeks, and they still smell just as strong as they did when we received them. Sarah, age 19, took one, before Jacob could see them.  She put it on her backpack, and gets positive comments in college.  Everyone wants to know where to buy, and what is on her book bag.  Sarah loves that fellow students, and even instructors, are noticing her cute little Whiffer Sniffer, hanging off her bag. Company History The creators of the original Whiffer Sniffers, Bearington Collection, is a family company dedicated to creating adorable and affordable plush gifts, collectibles and accessories. The love of teddy bears drew the Stray family to the industry in the beginning, and although they worked in sales for a number of respected industry leaders, they always dreamed of owning their own company. Throughout the past 17 years, the…

The 1byone Christmas Light will make your house sparkle
2016 Holiday Gift Guide , Reviews / November 20, 2016

1byone has been one of my favorite brands for a while.  So, when I saw that they had one of those Aluminum Alloy Outside Christmas Light Projectors, I had to get one. It is so cool.  You can have solid green lights, solid red lights, or multi color, between the two colors.  My dad likes it on all green, so that is what it’s set on.  I prefer the all red, so I change it, when I get the chance, but it always seems to get changed back.  But, he is my dad, so I kind of let him have his way.  The multi colored is beautiful as well. I’ve tried leading brands, of this light, but this one is the best I’ve found, but it’s no surprise, since 1byone makes it.  You will be completely satisfied.  Last year, it took two of the leading brand lights to do my entire front of the house.  This year, one of 1byone, and the house is stunning. 1byone also has a lot of other great products, you can use for gifts, this Holiday Season.  For my daughter, Sarah’s birthday, we got her a record player, that is 1byone.  She loves it.  Uses…