Sashka Co for Great Holiday Gifts
2016 Holiday Gift Guide / September 27, 2016

Sashka Co has handmade bracelets, with glass beads, that are perfect for any occasion.  You can get it with you favorite football team’s colors, or your favorite colors.  Whatever suits your taste. My daughter loves her Sashka bracelet, and has already asked for more for Christmas.  Of course, she’s going to get them.  Sarah loves the baby blue bracelet.  She wears it to show her favorite color. My mom also loves Saska.  She wears her bracelet everyday.  My mom got Pink and White, to show her support for Breast Cancer Awareness, she is a two time survivor. My wife wears a Black & Gold Bracelet, to show her love for football, and the Steelers.  She never takes it off, not even to shower.  She really loves those guys, but the point is, you can shower with it on and it won’t come loose, fray, etc. Any color combination you want put together, is possible with Sashka.  You can see some of their work, above.  They carry all colors, and again, the beads are glass, but not easily broken. Take a look at the bracelets on their site, and something will catch your attention, I’m sure.  My wife makes giddy noises…

Feel Clean for Christmas
2016 Holiday Gift Guide / September 27, 2016

Colgate and Softsoap have some great products out for Christmas this year.  I love feeling, and smelling, clean.  And, now I do. Colgate has Optic White.  Optic White is powerful and works.  It whitens quickly.  I’ve never seen a whiten work so well.  Do you want a beautiful smile?  This is the product for you. The Colgate Optic White Toothbrush & Whitening Pen provides effective whitening and convenience, all from one product.  Perfect for everyday use, no hassle & no mess.  It’s as easy as Brush, whiten, go! The Colgate Optic White Platinum High Impact White Toothpaste whitens in no time at all.  It’s inexpensive and works great. The little bit of tingling gives you a fresh clean mouth. Softsoap has some really great products out for the Holidays, which include:  Vanilla Crème Body Wash, as well as, Peppermint Body Wash.  My daughter uses the Peppermint, while my wife uses the Vanilla.  My wife loves Softsoap, and brags about how soft her skin is.  It really is, as well. There are also Foaming Hand Soaps.  My 5 year old, son, loves washing his hands with the foaming Hand soap.  He says his hands feel “squeaky clean”.  I love the foaming…

Sprout would make a great Christmas Gift!
2016 Holiday Gift Guide / September 27, 2016

I recently came across the product “Sprout”, and I love it.  My step-daughter is so pleased with the outcome of this product.  She loves that she can grow her own herbs, and veggies, with just a Pencil, or Ruler. Our Sprout came in Pencil style.  There were 3 in the Herb pack, 3 in the Veggie pack, and 3 in the Pizza pack.  This has been great fun, planting with my kids.  We live in Pennsylvania, so we got planters and a direct light for the plants.  This way, they will live in the house, and not outside, where they will die off. Sprout is a pencil that you can use, then plant, but to be honest, it was so amazing, that Sarah just planted them.  She loves the concept, and she is a 2 year College student.  Even my 5 year old, Jacob, loves this product.  He leaves them alone, but he does help Sarah water them. You can get one larger planter, or get several small planters, to plant your pencils.  We did small planters, but as you can see above, Sprout did a big planter.  Either way would work. Sprout is very well priced, at just $7.50…

Queen of Katwe & HSN Special
clip , Disney / September 27, 2016

  Like QUEEN OF KATWE on Facebook: Follow QUEEN OF KATWE on Twitter: Follow QUEEN OF KATWE on Instagram: Visit the official QUEEN OF KATWE website here: QUEEN OF KATWE opens in theaters in limited release on September 23rd and everywhere on September 30th! Also, in the spirit of QUEEN OF KATWE, HSN is excited to partner with Soular Backpacks! For every Soular Backpack purchased, a solar-powered backpack is given to a child in Africa to help study at night. Currently, children are using kerosene lamps, which can cause health complications. Soular Backpacks use natural energy from the sun during a child’s walk home from school. Make a difference today: