3Below Season 2 Trailer
2019 Summer Gift Guide / June 29, 2019

DreamWorks Animation is happy to share the season two trailer for 3BELOW: TALES OF ARCADIA in celebration of all-new episodes arriving to Netflix July 12! 3BELOW: TALES OF ARCADIA is an action-packed series from creator and executive producer​ ​Guillermo Del Toro and the seven-time Emmy Award-winning team behind​ DreamWorks Trollhunters DreamWorks, executive producers ​Rodrigo Blaas, Marc Guggenheim and Chad Hammes. The series features the voice of Diego Luna (Star Wars: Rogue One) as “Krel”, Tatiana Maslany (Orphan Black) as “Aja”, Nick Offerman (Parks & Recreation) as “Vex”, Glenn Close (The Wife) as “Mother”, Steven Yeun (The Walking Dead, Okja) as “Steve”, Nick Frost (Shaun of the Dead) as “Stuart” and Uzo Aduba (Orange Is the New Black) as “Kubritz”.   In the second season of executive producer​ ​Guillermo Del Toro’s​DreamWorks 3Below: Tales of Arcadia finds Royal aliens, Aja and Krel cleaning up the mess that was left behind after their epic victory against General Morando’s bounty hunters. Still reeling from the betrayal by their bodyguard, Varvatos Vex, Aja and Krel continue to bravely defend themselves and their “Earthling” friends against powerful dangers old and new, all while attempting to fix their damaged Mothership and return to Akridion-5. DreamWorks 3BELOW: TALES OF ARCADIA Season 2 premieres July 12thon Netflix.

Marvel Studios “AVENGERS: ENDGAME” releases on Digital July 30 and on BLU-RAY™ August 13
2019 Summer Gift Guide / June 29, 2019

MARVEL STUDIOS’ CLIMACTIC CONCLUSION TO 22 FILMS AND ONE OF THE TOP FILMS OF ALL TIME MARVEL STUDIOS  “AVENGERS: ENDGAME” RELEASES ON DIGITAL JULY 30 AND ON BLU-RAY™ AUG. 13 Extras celebrate Stan Lee, Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Thor, the women of Marvel, the Russo brothers, deleted scenes and gags — and early Digital viewers receive an exclusive Steve and Peggy featurette BURBANK, Calif. (June 26, 2019) — Marvel Studios’ “Avengers: Endgame,” the climactic conclusion to an unprecedented, 11-year cinematic journey in which the Avengers take one final stand against Thanos, delivered the biggest opening weekend in history and is currently one of the highest-grossing films of all time. On July 30, Avengers fans around the world are invited to assemble once more for the in-home release of “Avengers: Endgame” on Digital in HD, 4K Ultra HD™ and Movies Anywhere, followed by a physical release on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray™, DVD and On-Demand beginning Aug. 13. Fans who bring home “Avengers: Endgame” will gain hours of additional screen time with their favorite cast members and filmmakers who have shaped the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Bonus features include a tribute to the great Stan Lee; the tale of Robert…

Descendants 3: The All-Star Cast Returns in the Exciting Third Installment of the Descendants Series
2019 Summer Gift Guide / June 29, 2019

DESCENDANTS 3 Available on Disney DVD August 6th Featuring Never-Before-Seen Bonus Material Including a Blooper Reel, Deleted Scenes and Under The Sea: A Descendants Short Story! Synopsis:  This highly anticipated Disney Channel Original Movie continues the contemporary saga of good versus evil as the teenage daughters and sons of Disney’s most infamous villains – – Mal, Evie, Carlos and Jay (also known as the villain kids or VKs) — return to the Isle of the Lost to recruit a new batch of villainous offspring to join them at Auradon Prep. When a barrier breach jeopardizes the safety of Auradon during their departure off the Isle, Mal resolves to permanently close the barrier, fearing that nemeses Uma and Hades will wreak vengeance on the kingdom. Despite her decision, an unfathomable dark force threatens the people of Auradon, and it’s up to Mal and the VKs to save everyone in their most epic battle yet. Cast:  Dove Cameron as Mal, Cameron Boyce as Carlos, Sofia Carson as Evie, Booboo Stewart as Jay; Mitchell Hope as Ben; Sarah Jeffery as Audrey; Jadah Marie as Celia; with Cheyenne Jackson as Hades; and China Anne McClain as Uma. Director: Kenny Ortega (“High School Musical” franchise) Exec Producers: Kenny Ortega,…

Spiky has it right!
2019 Book Tours / June 28, 2019

I love the story, “Spiky“.  It’s so true, in today’s world.  Some people can be so ugly, on the inside, but you can turn beautiful.  My daughter, age 22, can’t wait to take Spiky to work, to read to the kids that she teaches.  She is studying to become a teacher, and in her last year of college, she is already teaching.  She loves this story, almost as much as I do.  Anyone can change, and this book is a perfect example.  It’s great to teach your child that ugly souls can become beautiful ones.  I used to have an ugly soul, but now my soul has turned beautiful, in my opinion. Ilaria Guarducci  is a magnificent writer, who got this book, “Spiky”, 100% on track for today’s world.  I really love the story line, and you will have a chance to win this book, coming up.  But, you can also purchase it, at the link above or below, if you want to make sure to get a copy.  She has written 7 children’s books, and I hope to be able to purchase each and every one, for my daughter’s classroom.  That would be a great addition. Laura Watkinson is an…

Disney/Tim Burton Film’s Dumbo (Live Action) Comes to Blu-Ray on June 25
2019 Summer Gift Guide / June 25, 2019

Dumbo has always been on of my favorite movies, and now my 8 year old watches it with me.  He’s not a big “movie” fan, and is usually playing Fortnite, but now he is interested in Dumbo.  This is truly a great “Family” film.  My 22 year old, daughter sat down and watched it with my son & me. This truly is a great film.  Tim Burton & Disney did it again.  They are setting the score high for their next film!  I loved watching Dumbo over and over, but I always have. Check out the below for an Animal Cracker recipe, and how to juggle. These two things come in handy every time we watch Dumbo.  The kids love the Sprinkled Animal Crackers, and trying to Juggle.  These two things have brought us a lot of entertainment, and joy.  And, watching Dumbo is an added bonus. You’ll be able to pick up the Blu ray, DVD & Digital copy starting June 25, anywhere these items are sold.  Don’t wait, get there early, they will sell out. With the Blu ray, there are bonus extras: Deleted Scenes Easter Eggs on Parade Clowning Around Bloopers Behind the scense look at the…

Cinderella Anniversary Edition Available on Blu-Ray June 25
2019 Summer Gift Guide / June 23, 2019

You can already enjoy Cinderella on Digital, as of Tuesday, June 18.  But, if you want it on Blu-Ray, or DVD, it’ll be available this coming Tuesday, June 25. This is amazing.  One of my all time favorite Disney Princesses, coming to Blu-Ray, with over 2 hours of bonus footage.  I am in aww.  I have loved Cinderella since a very young age.  Thie is an iconic film, with lots of love by many generations.  My daughter, who is 22, loves Cinderella as well.  We just sat down and watched it the other night.   Cinderella is a story about a young lady, who is taken advantage of by the Step’s- in her life.  She has a fairy godmother, who puffs in a beautiful gown, and sends her to the ball, where her step-sisters are already creeping on the prince.  But, guess what?  In the end, Cinderella shows them.   This is a must watch for the entire family.  My 8 year old, son, was even intrigued.  Which, he hardly sits and watches anything for too long.  That is starting to change since he turned 8, but I think he wanted to be the prince. You can purchase Cinderella, starting…

New Baby? Check out Baby Magic!
2019 Summer Gift Guide / June 21, 2019

I have a friend that is getting ready to have a baby.   They are being induced on June 27.  So, as you can imagine, this is a busy time for her.  That’s why I turned to Baby Magic, to help her bring the baby into the world.  Baby Magic is a wonderful company, that has all the baby’s basic needs covered.  From lotion to wipes, and even Hydrogel Patches.  This is amazing!  I remember, 8 years ago, having my little guy, and using Baby Magic, too. I love this Hydrogel Patch.  It’s great for fevers & overheating, sunburn, discomfort, and even dry skin.  They will love this patch, as new parents.  It’ll bring comfort to their little bundle of joy, which will in turn, be comforting to the parents. I also love the 3 in 1 wipes.  They have a combination of Chamomile, aloe and vitamin E.  There’s 72 wipes in the container, which will make changing easy.  They are also free from fragrance, alcohol, dyes, SLS, oils, parabens, and phthalates.  These are truly sent from above. Their lotions, and baby wash are a gift too.  We used them all the time, with Jacob, and occasionally still do, especially over summer break,…

I Love Honest Hemp Super Breath Buster
2019 Summer Gift Guide / June 21, 2019

I don’t often admit this, but I’ve had halitosis since I was a kid.  People used to make fun of me all the time.  I’d brush my teeth 3, maybe 4, times a day; but nothing helped.  The Honest Hemp Company has changed that for me.  My breath is so fresh when I use this CBD Nano spray.  And, I love the way I feel afterwards.  I don’t feel a high, but I feel a weight lifted off my chest.  I do suffer from bipolar, depression, and anxiety disorders, so this has been a big help for me. Features ethanol, glycol, natural peppermint, and 160mg of premium US-grown, water-soluble hemp CBD extract.  This product would be great, even without bad breath.  You would just get the splash of cool, before feeling relief from anxiety.  It’s not a miracle worker, but it’s enough to feel relaxed, a bit.  It’s a great feeling, to not worry all the time. The Super Breath Blast is even known to kill the “meanest of hangovers” in as little as 5 minutes.  That’s so great to hear! *Honest Hemp* is a wellness company based in Boulder, Colorado and Los Angeles, California.  Our products are a natural alternative for…

What Shampoo & Conditioner do you use?
2019 Summer Gift Guide / June 20, 2019

I’ve recently come across a great product called Pura d’or.  I have thinning hair, and they have a formula for me.  It works magnificently.  Thinning hair used to be a problem, but not any more.  And, it’s inexpensive, especially if you get the monthly subscription. There are many formulas, of shampoos & conditioners, but the thinning hair formula is the right one for me, and I’m completely sold on this product.  Pura d’or has made me feel young again, hair wise.  I can’t get over how well it really works. Pura d’or Hair Thinning Therapy System is really great.  It works for all types of hair, at any time of the day.  My husband has been using it for about 3 weeks, and he loves it too, because he also has thinning hair.  I’ve gone to Target recently, and picked up another supply of Pura d’or, so we will have it, when our current bottles run out.  This is a truly great product, and can be bought locally, which is really cool. For the Hair Thinning Therapy System, here’s it’s description: Get to the Root of the Problem. It all starts with a healthy scalp. This invigorating blend of organic extracts…

Welch’s Fruit Snacks are Fantastic!
2019 Summer Gift Guide / June 20, 2019

We love Welch’s Fruit Snacks, in our family.  My 8 year old would take them, everyday, to school.  Now, my 22 year old, takes them everyday to work & school.  She’s teaching this Summer, so this is a great snack for her during lunch.  She loves them, as much as my 8 year old does.  We have been a fan of Welch’s for many years. Have you tried the Blueberry Fruit N Yogurt Snacks?  They are absolutely delightful.  So delicious, and in just a small snack.  They also come in Strawberry, and Cherry.  These make a great mid-day snack for anyone.  I snack on them, myself, and love them.  I can’t get enough.  I’ve been buying them constantly.  I do limit myself to one pack a day, so they will last a little longer.  I also have 8 year old fingers grabbing them up too. We are having a huge family cookout for the 4th of July, and this is a perfect snack to put out for the kids.  They will love them.  I can’t wait to share them with everyone. Welch’s Fruit Snacks come in 10 varieties.  You really have to try any of them, and you will be…