Shapewear options that definitely added to our Wishlist
2022 Valentine's Gift Guide / January 16, 2023

You can find yourself searching for the most perfect body shapers while doing a lot of research. Of course, you should be sure to investigate sufficiently before purchasing a product. A few details should be important to you when you are also researching body shapers. You need to understand your body first. If you have a sensitive skin structure, you should pay attention to details such as material quality. In addition, shapewears that do not fit properly in your body will disturb you during use and will undertake your effect. You may give up on using a body shaper that is smaller than your size, as it will restrict your breathing, sitting up and movement. The quality and soft structure of the Sculptshe body shapers is designed to suit everybody, taking into account the comfortable use of its users. If you haven’t made your post-New Year’s shopping list yet, you should add body shaper to your list right away before they run out. Body shapers today do not have a single model or ordinary detail. It can also have a design you’ll like at first sight, like this body shapers with modern, stylish and sexy details. The Sculpshe Low-back Mid-thigh…

Lifewit Is Amazing For Storage, and Other Things
2022 Valentine's Gift Guide / January 31, 2022

Lifewit is my new favorite go to shop for storage products.  The quilted, sealable containers are amazing.  I can fit so much stuff, in just one bag.  It has made storing my many blankets a breeze.  They’re neatly sorted, and put away, neatly.  I love these collapsible storage containers.  If I need to use the blankets, I can close the container back up, and fold it, storing it as well. These go to Collapsible Containers are great for so many things.  I have them storing blankets, towels, and Summer clothes, just to name a few.  They are a breeze for storing.  I have a storage room down in my basement.  I just added these to the one shelf, for neat storage.  My items used to just be thrown in that room, now it’s so clean looking. The handles on the containers are reinforced, and super strong.  The zipper is so sturdy, and the material is so great.  The containers are large capacity, fitting multiple products.  I truly don’t know what I did before discovering this container. These storage cubes are amazing, as well.  You get 6, per order, and they fit everything in my office in them.  You can see…

Waistdear is an Amazing Shapewear Company!
2022 Valentine's Gift Guide / January 26, 2022

Waistdear is my new go to company for Shapewear.  I love it, and so my 24 year old, daughter.  Ever since someone brought this company to our attention, we’ve been using them.  It’s an easy to use website, and the product is so comfy, and supportive. The Wholesale Seamless Plus Size Full Body Shaper Back Support is amazing.  Talk about all day support, and it’s comfortable.  Doesn’t make me feel stiff.  I’m in a size 18 so when I wear this, it makes me feel like a size 10.  I’ll never switch to another company.  They definitely have my business for the long haul.  Just wish I would’ve known about them 10 years ago, when they became a thing. The waist trainer wholesale vendor is super cool.  You don’t even know you are wearing it.  I burn so many extra calories, when wearing this product.  I love it, and I’ve lost 3 pounds, since I started wearing it.  Coincidence?  I don’t know.  The hooks are durable and strong, making for a tight, stable fit.  I believe you will really like this item, as much as I do.  And, the price is unbelievable. Sarah loves this next item.  She loves a corset, so when…

Hahaland Take Apart Robot is Cool
2022 Valentine's Gift Guide / January 25, 2022

Jacob loves his Hahaland Take Apart Robot.  He had so much fun putting it together; it took him a little while to figure it out, for the first time.  He takes it apart, then puts it together again.  He’s been playing with it for 3 weeks.  Usually he’s a technical kid, but he loves his old fashioned toys, every once in a while. This robot is so cool.  First, it’s blue, Jake’s favorite color.  Then, there’s 5 vehicles that become this massive robot.  He’s loved it since the get go.   Your child will love it too.  Jacob is 10 years old, so that tells you the possibilities are there for any age.  You can let any child (5 and up) play with this robot. He’s fairly priced, and get 15% off of any toys storewide using code: thisfrugalfamily.  He’s on sale right now, for a very good price.  You’ll love this robot as much as your child.  It brought back memories, of my childhood.  He so nice.  Made with sturdy and thick materials.  It won’t fall apart over time. Don’t forget to check out the other toys, available through Hahaland, as well.  You will love all of these items.  No…

Hahaland 3D Puzzles are Super
2022 Valentine's Gift Guide / January 25, 2022

Hahaland has amazing 3d puzzles.  And, the Notre Dame de Paris is no exception.  My kids had fun putting it together. My 24 year old, daughter, loves a good 3D puzzle.  When I told her that we were getting a review, she was so excited.  She has loved putting puzzles together, since she was young.  She loves Paris, as well.  So, this review was a no brainer.  She, and her brother, took the time to put this masterpiece together.  It took some time, but they did complete it. The instructions are easy to follow, and the puzzle is amazing.  It’s so unique, and realistic, with the details. They had so much fun, together, putting the 3d puzzle together.   Sarah’s significant other helped as well.  Jacob adores him.  So, he joined in, the three went to town putting it together, with the step by step instructions. There’s quite a few puzzles to choose from, and you can save 15% on any of them, with code:  thisfrugalfamily.  Don’t hesitate order now. You will love all of the choices, with these puzzles.  There’s so many!  I can’t wait to get them their next 3d puzzle.  I’ve never heard that many laughs coming from…

Pen Heaven is Amazing!
2022 Valentine's Gift Guide / January 18, 2022

  Pen Heaven This Frugal Family really LOVES Pen Heaven.  We received a few products from them, and they are now our Go-To shop for stationery, and such.  I love my Orange Journal.  I have Multiple Sclerosis, and the orange is the color of the Ribbon for MS.  So, I use, this journal, as my go-to for appointments.  I write everything to do with MS down in this fantastic little journal. The Journal holds so much information about Multiple Sclerosis.  I’m glad I received it when I did.  Diagnosis was only a few months ago.  We have a long way to come, with MS, but this orange journal will get me on my journey. I also received an amazing ink pen.  It can write in any direction, even upside down, for that matter.  It’s fantastic.  I use it in my journal, even when I’m getting infusions.  I can write about the infusions, as an indication of what to expect next time.  This Space Pen comes in a variety of colors, as well.  Check out the entire listing for Space Pens here. There are so many great things about Pen Heaven.  They have all your writing, and journaling, needs in one…

Portable North Pole Brought Joy To My Son
2022 Valentine's Gift Guide / January 18, 2022

My son loved his Portable North Pole products.  He was so excited to receive mail.  He really believed it was from Santa Claus. You can get Portable North Pole for upcoming Birthdays, Encouragement, and much more.  Take a look at all the reasons to order.  And, the price is terrific. There’s such a HUGE list of videos, you can unlock, when you buy your membership.  Your child will have hours of fun, with this program.  Don’t hesitate, get it while it’s on sale. There’s even games for your kids to play. My son is 10 years old, but still believes, because he’s homeschooled.  He loves the fact that Santa Claus calls him every year.  We’ve been doing this for a while now.  It’s an amazing adventure. Connect with Portable North Pole:  Facebook    

Color Street Nail Bar Party Good Through 3/1/22
2022 Valentine's Gift Guide / January 5, 2022

Sarah and Stephanie are having a Nail Bar Party.  If you place an order between now, and the end of their party, you are likely to get a surprise.  It may even be Scentsy, or Color Street.  Check out Color Street here. You can even join their Facebook Group here.  There will be prizes given away, in this group, as well as a lot of useful information about Nail Care.