Big Trip 2 Animated Movie
2022 Fall Gift Guide / October 22, 2022

After a big trip, Mic Mic the bear just wants to relax. Unfortunately, another stork mishap means he must care for an adorable baby grizzly – and bring it all the way to America! As Mic Mic and his zany friends travel by airship, devious vulture Billy tries to sabotage the mission. Can the brave crew survive a lightning storm, crash-landing, ice flood, snowy avalanche – and Billy’s traps – to bring the cute cub to America, and keep the forest there free from evil’s rule?   Release Date December 27, but get ready with the trailer, above.

The Original Christmas Specials Collection is Here!
2021 Holiday Gift Guide / October 31, 2021

You will love this Collection, brought to us by Universal.  These take me back to my childhood, and I love watching with my son.  He’s 10, and still sits and watches these with me.  My wife and I both love that they are brought back to life, with this new timeless Blu-ray collection.  You will not be able to get enough, when you purchase them. We’ll watch it over, and over, during the entire Christmas Season.  My wife said she remembers watching in her childhood living room.  I do too.  We were in different cities, but we both remember watching, with our parents.  These videos are so timeless! The clay-animated Rudolph is my wife’s favorite, while my favorite is Frosty The Snowman.  My mom loved snowmen, and she has since passed away, but this takes me back to my childhood.  I remember watching with my mom and sister.  We would sit and watch from beginning to end, even with commercials.  Now, there’s no commercials, but I can watch from beginning to end with my 10 year old. There’s 5 Holiday Specials on this Blu-ray.  They include:  Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman, Santa Claus is Comin’ To Town, The…

New Animated Series “Puffins” Stars Johnny Depp
Animated Series / November 26, 2020

  “Puffins” follows the adventures of a group of cute little birds, who work for the wily walrus Otto. The main characters of the series are five Puffins: Johnny Puff, voiced by Johnny Depp, Tic and Tac, Didi, and Pie. They live with a tribe of puffins in the vast and technological realm of Tana. The stories in the series will range from the bold missions of Otto, to multiple situations related to the small, fun problems of everyday life, addressing the issues of social impact in a childish way. They will cover positives themes in the show such as gender and race equality and environmental protection are among the important and universal issues addressed in the puffin community throughout the series. Amidst the absurd situations and hilarious gags, kids will be entertainingly introduced to these important themes resonating in society today.