Flying Cauldron Non-Alcoholic Butterscotch Beer
2021 Holiday Gift Guide / October 30, 2021

I love Flying Cauldron Non-Alcoholic Butterscotch Beer.  It’s delicious.  I have never been hooked on something so quickly.  It’s got a great taste, and I cannot wait to get more.  It is a Butterscotch Cream Soda Beer, and the Cream Soda taste sticks out to me.  I love Cream Soda, and if you do, as well, you really need to try this amazing Non-Alcoholic drink. My mother-in-law loves it as well.  She’s not a drinker, but says it’s delicious.  She said “it doesn’t even taste like beer, but a delightful Cream Soda.”  She’s a picky drinker, but adores Flying Cauldron.  The taste is like no other, and is a great one.  My sister said she can’t wait to try it, and took a can home this evening.  I’ll put up her opinion, in the near future. My brother-in-law is an avid drinker and he says “for no alcohol, this drink is great!”  He loves it too.  It’s settled that Flying Cauldron is for anyone.  And, it’s 100% natural.  This is a great fact. Check out their site, to see where you can buy, including Amazon, and our local Target. Connect with Flying Cauldron:     Shop      |     Facebook   … has your needs first!

We love so much.  We used them for Father’s Day, and sent my dad this amazing crate, called Family Game Night Gift Crate. He adored it, and plays checkers, with my son, all the time. He’s even been snacking on the treats, and drinking the soda in the crate. You can see all the goodies that came in the crate. They were delicious, to share. My father was so excited to get such a wonderful present from his son, and grandson. Features of this crate, include: Checkers – 1 Satchel – Light and dark-colored wood game pieces and dice too! Checker Board Crate – 1 crate – Gift crate box with a 2-sided sliding lid. One side for game playing and the other for storage. Soda (Pop) – 8 cans – One can each of eight different flavors. Flavors may vary from photo. Flavor selection dependent upon availability. Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies by Byrd’s Famous Cookies – 4.2 oz. – The perfect ratio of peanut butter to chocolate in a crisp and delicious cookie. Theater Box Candies (4) – 3.1 oz. – Four assorted theater box sized candies. Flavors may vary from photo. Stoned Wheat Crackers by Eleanor…