Sangawa Project in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
Sangawa Project 2017 / December 19, 2017

Sangawa Project is an adult anime convention (18+) run by the Pittsburgh Japanese Culture Society. This convention allows anime fans to meet a couple of their favorite voice actors, cosplay, play some games in the gaming room, and attend some panels. The best part of it all is the mature environment surrounding the convention! This year, Sangawa brought Colleen Clinkenbeard, who plays Ema Hinata in Brothers Conflict, Momo Yaoyorozu in My Hero Academia, Riza Hawkeye in Fullmetal Alchemist, and many more! They also brought Rob McCollum, who plays Reiner in Attack on Titan, Shinya Kogami in Psycho-Pass, Mifune in Soul Eater, and many more! Sangawa Project also held a couple alcohol events for the 21+ audience that came, including the Taste of Japan and the Sangawa Social. The Taste of Japan is where you can enjoy a selection of Japanese alcoholic drinks and learn the basics to tasting. The drinks they had this year were: Awa Yuki Sparkling Sake, Plum Fu Ki, Yoshi No Gawa Junmai Ginjo Sake, Hibiki Suntory Whiskey, Hana Lychee Flavored Sake, and Sakemoto Premium Junmai Sake. The Sangawa Social is a place to just hangout or to participate in a recipe challenge. There was also an…

Kennywood For a Summer Of Fun
Amusement Park , Kennywood / July 10, 2017

Kennywood Park, in Pittsburgh, PA had their Comic Con on June 18, 2017. As we walked in, we saw The Flash and Supergirl standing at a booth and didn’t hesitate to get our picture with them! As we walked through the park, we saw booths of comic books, jewelry, art, and much more! In one of the pavilions, artists were set up with art and jewelry. It was awesome getting to see and purchase some of the art. These artists were all very talented and each had a unique twist on the styles they drew in. We went around the park and rode a lot of the rides, from the Jack Rabbit to the Merry Go Round. We made sure to play some games, too! The ping pong game was always my favorite, so I made sure to play that a lot! We had some potato path fries for lunch and stopped at another booth to get some mac n cheese.  The food has always been one of my favorite parts are Kennywood.  It’s been a family favorite, for many years.  My mom and dad were coming here a long time before me, and my family will come here for…

#MotherOfAllBabyShowers in Pittsburgh, Pa
Announcements / July 1, 2017

The Mother of All Baby Showers is a fun night out, for both Mom & Dad.  If you have a newborn – preschool aged child, this event is for you.  We love getting out, and having fun, at this event.  And, at Hienz Field, to boot.  This will be the best night, that you spend out, with your significant other because it’s all about your little one. If you are a new parent, this is the perfect night for you.  Because they have these factors: Try It Before You Buy It We’re bringing the brands to you so you can test them: see, touch, smell, hear and taste them before you make important buying decisions for your family. Educational Sessions Learn, laugh and leave with useful knowledge on your parenting journey! Hear from experts in their industries and have your questions answered during our valuable educational sessions. To learn more about our topics and speakers, visit our Educational Sessions page Giveaways We have over $20,000 in giveaways up for grabs! From strollers to exclusive restaurant experiences to nursery design to photography packages to gym memberships to sports memorabilia and much, much more!!! Fun and Unique Venue THE event of the…

Get your tickets now for Tekko Next Year!
tekko 2017 / April 15, 2017

Tekko is Pittsburgh’s premiere anime, gaming, fashion, music, and Japanese pop culture convention presented by the Pittsburgh Japanese Culture Society. This year, Tekko was able to bring in over 8,000 attendees, a new record for the convention. During the weekend there were many panels available to go to, so many that I wanted to split myself in half to try to attend them all! One of the panels I was able to attend was “Did You Know? Shinigami Love Apples. Death Note In Depth”. This panel was all about Death Note, the speakers of the panel were even in cosplay. L asked if we were all Pro-Kira or Anti-Kira, which if you’ve watched this show you’re most likely Pro-Kira. Who wouldn’t love someone who wanted to get rid of all of the bad people and crime in the world? The room, unsurprisingly was Pro-Kira for the most part. They also brought it different aspects of how Death Note relates to the Bible. Another one of the panels we attended was “Sweet Viktuuri- Behind the Scenes of Yuri! On Ice”. This panel was interactive and very fun. You could definitely tell the presenter knew what she was talking about. I learned…

Join Me at Tekko: David Lawerence Convention Center, Pittsburgh Pa
Announcements , tekko 2017 / April 8, 2017

Great Entertainment at this year’s Tekko.  You really need to join us, to get the real feel. Here’s what we’ve experienced so far: Everyone is so friendly, and kind. We are really enjoying ourselves, as will you. We even tried this, do you know what it is? If you said “Chocolate Covered Bacon” you would be correct. And it was delicious. Come on down to try it yourself. We will be at the David Lawerence Convention Center for the rest of the weekend, with more updates for the fans.  But, if you can, please come down and join us.  You will have a lot of fun, and get to know some really cool people too. Connect with Tekko:    See what there is to see Disclaimer: I received tickets for this event, to publicize the information to you, the fans.  Thank you for being fans, and please, come join in the fun.