New SpongeBob Releases

SpongeBob SquarePants: The Complete Thirteenth Season; The Patrick Star Show: Season 1, Volume 2; Kamp Koral: SpongeBob’s Under Years – Season 1, Volume 2 are all now out on DVD. Just in time for Christmas, you can order these three great disks from Amazon. The Complete Thirteenth Season is filled with episodes to make you laugh! I love this season of SpongeBob, because the graphics are amazing! There are so many episodes, and so much laughter. My son, Jacob, age 12, watches this season all the time now. He laughs, then I laugh! The episodes are named the following: Next, we have The Patrick Show: Season 1, Volume 2. It’s goofy. Patrick Star is crazy, and has his own show to prove it. With the remaining 13 episodes, you are bound to laugh continuously at Patrick Star! Episodes include: Finally, Kamp Koral Season 1 Volume 2, is also out today. Jacob, my 12-year-old, loves this show. He was so excited when I handed him the disk. He immediately put it in the Xbox and played it. He said it cracks him up so much. I’ve always loved the series that are animated like this. They’re my favorite, dating back to…

The Patrick Star Show on DVD is Fantastic

My 11 year old has been going crazy over this DVD since receiving it.  He loves watching how goofy Patrick Star is.  The Patrick Star Show is tremendously funny.  He has a great variety show.  It gives lots of great characters a new chance. The episodes include: The Patrick Star Show: Season 1, Volume 1 episodes: Late for Breakfast/Bummer Jobs Stair Wars/Enemies a la Mode Lost in Couch/Pat-a-thon The Yard Sale Squidina’s Little Helper/I Smell a Pat Gas Station Vacation/Bunny the Barbarian The Haunting of Star House/Who’s a Big Boy? Terror at 20,000 Leagues To Dad and Back/Survivoring Just in time for Christmas/Klopnodian Heritage Festival X Marks the Pot/Patrick’s Alley Pearl Wants to Be a Star/Super Sitters The Patrick Show Mid- Season Finale The Patrick Star Show: Season 1, Volume 1 synopsis: In this SpongeBob spin-off series, fans travel back to a time when Patrick was still living at home. This family sitcom stars Patrick and the rest of his family as they are constantly disrupted by Patrick’s wild whims and surreal imagination. The Patrick Star Show is already available on Amazon. Connect with The Patrick Star Show:    Shop Disclaimer: This product was received from the Company for review purposes only….