Reading Kingdom has done wonders for us over this Summer!
2022 Back To School Gift Guide / August 18, 2022

Reading Kingdom has helped my third grade to read so much better during the Summer.  It’s targeted for Kindergarten to Third Grade.  She loves it, and has consistently used it over the Summer.  I can’t wait to see her first report card, and see how her grades have improved. While using Reading Kingdom, she has found so many programs, and loves every program she’s engaged with.  There are many activities, as well.  Your child will love this program too. You can get a One Month Trial of the program.  Then decide if you would like to continue the lessons.  It’s great for helping to read.  My daughter wasn’t reading to her “potential” according to her teachers last year.  Now, they will be surprised to see how well she is reading. We love this program!  I love it because it gave my child the confidence that the teachers couldn’t give her last year.  And, she loves it because now she’s reading to her potential. Connect with Reading Kingdom:    Shop     |     Twitter     |      Facebook Disclaimer: This product was received from the Company for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post are my own…

Reading Kingdom is an Excellent Program for K-3
2022 Spring Gift Guide / April 4, 2022

“Reading Kingdom is a monumental work that gives families a simple, straightforward and time-tested approach.” – Dr. Jeffrey A. Lieberman, Columbia University Reading Kingdom is the fun way to teach your child how to read! The online program teaches students to read and write with comprehension to a 3rd grade level. Reading Kingdom’s innovative techniques are extremely effective because they are based on a new “Phonics-PLUS” model of reading instruction. Key Benefits: – Super easy and fun to use – Works on any computer or tablet with an Internet connection (including Windows, Mac, iPad, Android, Chromebooks, etc.) – Research-based and incredibly effective – Program is personalized for each student – Includes versions for ELL students and students 11+ For more information and to sign up:

Book Tour: Pirates Don’t Go To Kindergarten! By Lisa Robinson
2019 Book Tours / August 7, 2019

Pirates Don’t Go To Kindergarten! is a supreme book.  If you have a child who is afraid to go to the next level in school, this book is for you.  See Emma was in Preschool, and was afraid to move up to Kindergarten, but her Preschool teacher reassured her, and she went ahead.  It’s a fantastic book to read to your little ones, especially right before school starts. My little one is going to 3rd grade, but we read this together, and he loved it.  My daughter is going into her last year of college, to be a teacher, and she can’t wait to add it to her books, for when she starts teaching.  She said, Pirates Don’t Go To Kindergarten! is a special book that I think the kids I get will love”.  I think she’s right. Jacob is afraid of moving up, every year, because there’s change.  This book has helped him see that change can be good.  And, I really enjoyed reading it, with Jacob. Pirates Don’t Go To Kindergarten! is very inexpensive, at only $6.99, and is a great asset for the new school year.  You will love it, and so will your little ones. I can’t…

Back To School with Name Bubbles

Name Bubbles are labels that you can put on your school supplies, clothes, et cetera, to make sure they stay safe this school year. We love Name Bubbles in our home.  My son, who is 6, will be starting First Grade, and my daughter, age 20, will be in her 3rd year of College.  So, Name Bubbles are perfect for both of them.  Jacob, for his belongings, including his book bag, and extra clothes to Sarah for her Dorm products, and books.  The kids both love them, and I’m sure the other parents that I associate with, will be asking where to get them. Last year, during Kindergarten, I used a leading brand, and by the end of the year, they fell off.  These are super great, sturdy, and sticky enough to last the entire year.  I mean, in Kindergarten, we labeled everything.  This year, I’m sure I won’t be labeling as much, but will still be labeling a lot.  Including any toys Jacob may decide to take to school, for recess. Sarah loves the Unicorn Labels she received.  She put them on all of her books, to make sure they don’t get ripped off the first day of College,…