Eco Lips is my Favorite go-to for Soft Lips
2020 Holiday Gift Guide / October 24, 2020

When your lips get flaky, and dry in the Winter, where do you turn?  I turn to Eco Lips!  Of course, I ordered the 6 pack, of Holiday Lip Balms, and I have 1 left.  My family are pigs.  They took them all, but 1.  I don’t get, at least I know they won’t have dry, cracked lips, right? Ok, so let’s talk about the scents:  We have Raspberry Truffle, which is completely yummy tasting, but works well on my lips; Gingerbread, which my mom says reminds her of making gingerbread houses, and keeps her moisturized; then there’s Candy Cane, this is the one my 23 year old daughter loves.  She said she’s used half a tube, she has really dry lips. These scents are enough to drive anyone wild.  They smell delicious, and work.  My lips have never felt so moisturized.  I love the Raspberry Truffle.  You can buy 1 scent, or all 3.  Totally up to you! I will never use a different lip balm, now that I’ve discovered Eco Lips!  And, my son had a huge collection of chap sticks, he threw them all away, for this lip balm.  Eco Lips is supreme, in what they do….