Precipitate Water is delicious, and for a Good Cause
2019 Summer Gift Guide / July 15, 2019

Precipitate is Georgia’s Spring Water, and it’s delicious.  We love it here, from myself to my son, even my daughter.  We’ve all had some, and it’s delicious, and quenches your thirst.  The great thing is, you can buy one case, or 10.  The more you buy, the more it helps Sports and Recreational teams. PROVIDING FREE WATER FOR KIDS Purchasing Precipitate at the qualifying case quantities will trigger our donation program. The donation program will donate 20% of the qualifying cases ordered in bottles to the sports or recreational youth programs of your choice. Donations are honored with a single purchase of qualifying quantities, not a cumulative purchase to equal qualifying quantities. The donation shipments will take 3 to 4 weeks to fulfill and ship to the destination. Larger donation quantities could take longer. We will continue to purchase Precipitate, and we usually buy 10 cases, when we do buy water.  This is a great way to support a great team.  You can even purchase on Amazon, which makes it convenient. We truly love this water, in our home, so what better way to support the teams. We’ll buy a large quantity of water, and that’s a great start for a donation….