Happy Tummi is Amazing

Happy Tummi My daughter has an Ovarian Cyst, and she uses the Happy Tummi for comfort.  “It works everytime,” according to 24 year old, Sarah.  She loves to lay down and wrap her tummy in it.  She says the pills don’t help, but Happy Tummi seems to ease the pain.  When she warms it, she feels the relief within minutes of wrapping it around her waist.  I’m glad that she finally has some kind of relief.  She has been to the Emergency Room twice, before she received this amazing product. Sarah let me try the Happy Tummi, as well.  It’s amazing.  I have IBS, so it worked great as an ailment for IBS, as well.  I am going to order another one, so we have an extra.  This product definitely gets an A+ in my book. PRODUCT DETAILS Stomach Hurting? Feeling Bloated? Cramps? Perhaps You Ate Too Much? Happi Tummi To The Rescue! Helps With Gas, Constipation, IBS, Menstrual Pain, Cramps, Discomfort And More!. How Does It Work? Just Warm It. Wrap It. Feel It Work! The Secret Is 7 Natural Herbs Combined With Heat That INSTANTLY Relieves Pain. Put The Patented Herbal Soothing Pouch In The Microwave For 60…

The New Woman’s Product that will make you feel Better When you have Cramps
Reviews / March 16, 2017

Cramps suck. There’s no need to sugar coat it. Perhaps you have gone the painkiller route, the heating pad way, or perhaps even the twisting yourself in a pretzel and crying technique. According to study, over 42 million women in the United States alone suffer from menstrual cramping that interferes with their daily activities. Enter Cybele. Cybele is the first ever garment specifically manufactured for women’s menstrual pain relief. Made up of nylon and spandex, this undergarment doubles as a waist trainer and heated pain reliever. It includes four pockets: one on the front, back, and two on the back of the thighs. The Active Goddess provides medical-grade heat from both the gel pack and the auto heat pack, so you can go slay that meeting or presentation in peace. It’s about time, right? Get the relief we all deserve. Check out our website and Facebook page: http://becybele.com http://www.Facebook.com/BeCybele