made JD’s Day is an amazing gift for your child, that may not be sure if Santa still exists. It’s awesome to make someone’s day, especially if they are having a bad one. JD was so excited to get his gift. His face lit up when he saw he was on Santa’s Nice List this year. I usually get this package for my son, Jacob. However, this year I decided to send it to my cousin’s child, because he’s had bad luck lately. I figured it would cheer him up. “He was so excited to see he made Santa’s Nice List,” my aunt said. The above picture shows all the great gifts you get with the Platinum package. Jacob used to take the Reindeer food outside and leave it on the ground for Santa’s reindeer. He loved doing this, but as a preteen, he just doesn’t have the belief. JD is 10 and loves that he got this gift. It restored his feeling of magic in Christmas. You can get a special, today only. Go to the website to see how to get the Bronze, Silver, or Gold Package for 20% off. It’s 12/12/23 only, so don’t miss out. If you…

Portable North Pole Message
2022 Holiday Gift Guide / December 1, 2022

Portable North Pole is amazing.  I make a video for my son every year.  He’s an avid believer in Santa Claus, and this year is no different for the 11-year-old.  The videos have grown to have a special place in my heart.  And his heart is full every time he receives one of these videos. I love being able to make a video every year.  This has become a tradition over the last several years.  I will do this even when the belief of Santa is no longer there.  It’s a great feeling to get this video.  My wife even watches it, when I send it to her email. Jacob will always receive this Santa video from me, as long as we both breathe.  I love how it makes him feel.  He is such a treasure, and Santa makes us all believe this time of year. Check out this coupon to receive a discounted service. Connect with Portable North Pole:      Shop     \     Facebook     \     Twitter Disclaimer: This product was received from the Company for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post are my own and I was not paid to endorse…

The Original Christmas Specials Collection is Here!
2021 Holiday Gift Guide / October 31, 2021

You will love this Collection, brought to us by Universal.  These take me back to my childhood, and I love watching with my son.  He’s 10, and still sits and watches these with me.  My wife and I both love that they are brought back to life, with this new timeless Blu-ray collection.  You will not be able to get enough, when you purchase them. We’ll watch it over, and over, during the entire Christmas Season.  My wife said she remembers watching in her childhood living room.  I do too.  We were in different cities, but we both remember watching, with our parents.  These videos are so timeless! The clay-animated Rudolph is my wife’s favorite, while my favorite is Frosty The Snowman.  My mom loved snowmen, and she has since passed away, but this takes me back to my childhood.  I remember watching with my mom and sister.  We would sit and watch from beginning to end, even with commercials.  Now, there’s no commercials, but I can watch from beginning to end with my 10 year old. There’s 5 Holiday Specials on this Blu-ray.  They include:  Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman, Santa Claus is Comin’ To Town, The…

Smit Co for Christmas
2020 Holiday Gift Guide / November 5, 2020

Discover The Difference! Value, Quality, Integrity – Without Leaving Your Home! Our 5-star products include Gifts for Girls ages 4 to 14, Body Exfoliating Products, and Wooden Wine Glass Racks that are made in the USA. You can find our products on either of the links below: Get 20% Off Your Entire SMITCO Order! – By using the coupon codes below, you can earn a 20% discount on EVERYTHING you buy on either our Website or on our Amazon store! Website USE COUPON CODE: Q4202020 Amazon USE COUPON CODE: AZ202020 .@usfg

The Original Christmas Specials Collection
2018 Holiday Gift Guide / December 6, 2018

The Blu Ray Disc, Deluxe Edition of  The Original Christmas Specials Collection is wonderful.  It brings back so many memories, and now I’m making those memories with my children.  Even though my daughter is in her 20s, she still loves to sit down and watch these animated flicks with my 7 year old, and me. My favorite has always been Frosty the Snowman, while my daughter’s favorite is The Little Drummer Boy, and Jacob, my 7 year old, well he’s not sure which one he likes most.  We’ve watched this Blu Ray about 15 times already, but I keep wanting to go back for more.  And, it’s so cute, that I’ve ordered one for my best friend’s daughter, for Christmas. There’s tons of bonuses on this Blu Ray, and the discs are inexpensive.  Get yours in time for Christmas. I can never stay up late enough, yes 8pm is late to me, to watch these on tv, so I now have the discs and can watch when we are ready. ‘Tis the season to enjoy the timeless holiday classics in The Original Christmas Specials Collection featuring five unforgettable stories. Produced by Rankin/Bass, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Santa Claus is Comin’…

Package from Santa ~ Great Deal
2018 Holiday Gift Guide / November 8, 2018

Start a Magical Christmas Family Tradition That Your Child Will Cherish Forever! Give the one-of-a-kind memorable EXPERIENCE of receiving a Package From Santa! Every Package From Santa includes both tangible & technological delights including: * a personalized Santa Letter that arrives in the mail * a personalized VIDEO starring your child via email * a personalized PHONE CALL * a personalized printable NICE LIST GUIDE * and the option to upgrade with MORE goodies! Get 25% off every package you order using code FAM2060 This uniquely personalized gift experience creates Christmas wonder and excitement that your child will never forget! Have your camera ready to video every step of this special Santa experience! It all starts at the mail box when the Package From Santa arrives from the North Pole! Delight in the process of making Christmas magic come alive in a very personal way for your child, grandchild, niece, nephew, or any little one you know! This esteem-building personalized gift is an amazing experience of joy, memories, wonder and happiness! has options for EVERY BUDGET starting at $14.95 with an array of add-on goodies to choose from. Create a custom package for each child! Get 25% off every…

The Nightmare Before Christmas was excellent
2018 Halloween Gift Guide , Movies / October 23, 2018

We always put time aside to watch the Nightmare Before Christmas, leading up to both for Halloween and Christmas. We sat down to watch it, but this time with a sing-along edition of the movie! This DVD is a sing-along edition, and has a digital redeem code as well. It includes deleted scenes, the making of the Nightmare Before Christmas, and an audio commentary. We all sat down, including my daughter, son, and husband to watch this incredible movie. We loved the deleted scenes, the audio commentary with both Tim Burton and Danny Elfman, and the other extras this DVD has! Anyone who loves The Nightmare Before Christmas needs to pick up this DVD, especially if you haven’t watched it yet, you’ll be in love with the characters the moment it begins to play. Experience The Nightmare Before Christmas, the fun-filled musical fantasy from Disney and creative genius Tim Burton, like never before in a spirited, full-length, Sing-Along Edition! Featuring a marvelous mic of memorable characters and 11 ghoulishly captivating songs by Danny Elfman—its frightful fun for the whole family. Rattle your bones and jump for joy — it’s the 20th Anniversary Edition of THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS on scare-ific,…

2018 Holiday Gift Guide / October 4, 2018

Bountiful Spread Comes With Plenty of Fixings to Feed Up to 10 Guests; Apple Cobbler and Honey Orange Tea Also Available For Limited Time   DALLAS (Oct. 3, 2018) – With the holidays just over the horizon, Dallas-based Cowboy Chicken is once again prepping its beloved mouthwatering tradition, the Wood-Fired Rotisserie Turkey Holiday Package. This Texas-sized feast feeds eight to 10 guests with one 10-12 lb. wood-fired rotisserie turkey, Twice Baked Potaters™, choice of Wild West side, country-style stuffing, 12 fluffy dinner rolls and peach or apple cobbler, all for $99.99 (tax not included). Guests can also order the turkey à la carte for $44.99 (whole turkey) and $49.99 (sliced). “Preparing a holiday meal can be incredibly time-consuming, so we’re taking all that hard work off the table,” says Sean Kennedy, president and CEO of Cowboy Chicken. “Our wood-fired rotisserie turkey is prepared with our own special Cowboy seasoning over a wood-burning fire – just like our famous rotisserie chicken. Our guests are guaranteed to love it and the extra time they’ll have to enjoy a delicious meal with loved ones.” Guests are encouraged to order their Wood-Fired Rotisserie Turkey Holiday Packages early, as this popular Thanksgiving Day staple sells…

Package From Santa will make your child believe
2017 Holiday Gift Guide , kids , Reviews / December 11, 2017

Jacob, my 6 year old, received a Package from Santa the other day.  He just adores it!  He loves Mrs. Claus’ Cookie, and the Reindeer feed, the most.  He also loved his video, that is personalized for him. You can get this wonderful package for your little one, and they will believe like they never have before.  It’s even post marked from the North Pole, and Santa Claus, himself.  There was a good list certificate, and a letter from Santa, as well as a ton of other goodies.  This box is not expensive, and will be a lasting treasure to your child. We haven’t received our call from Santa yet.  I scheduled it for our convenience, for Christmas Eve.  That way before Jacob goes to bed, Santa will be calling.  This will be just an added plus!  The video is really cute, but you only have 1 day left to order that video.  You have to get it for your child, it is sincerely the cutest thing ever.  While Santa is super busy this time of year, he has Elfred the Elf put your child on either the Naughty list or Nice list.  You even get to say why they…

Kennywood Holiday Lights Display 2017
2017 Holiday Gift Guide , discounts / December 4, 2017

You can enjoy Holiday Lights, at Kennywood, with a discount.  Through This Frugal Family, get a great discount.  You will have as much fun as our family does, yearly, when you go see Kennywood’s Holiday Lights display.  The best lights in the area. You can also see the Nutcracker, Rudolph, a Snowman, Gingerbread man, but most importantly, Santa Claus is there too. If you have little ones, Kiddyland is also opened.  You can take the kids, and they can enjoy the rides.  My son, age 6, has loved Kennywood since he was about 3.  We have gone to the Holiday Lights 4 times.  And, I can’t wait to go this year. Watch for an upcoming review of the Holiday Lights. Connect With Kennywood:    Shop     |     Facebook     |     Twitter