The Gilded Age Cookbook is Amazing

The Gilded Age Cookbook is a great gift for Christmas. It has so many recipes, for great foods. It has Strawberry Shortcake, Tea Sandwiches, Broiled Steak, etc. This is my go-to cookbook now. There’s a lot of cool recipes for entertaining as well as for everyday cooking. This can be your go-to cookbook as well. There are also some stories, like Kitchen Innovations. About the Author Becky Libourel Diamond is a food writer, librarian and research historian who specializes in reconstructing historical recipes. She has collaborated with several chefs and food groups to recreate historic dinners, including Marc Vetri’s Osteria restaurant in Philadelphia, Chef Adam Diltz of Elwood Restaurant in Philadelphia, COOK (a demonstration kitchen in Philadelphia) and Edible History Supper Club in New York City. She has been writing about food since 2008, sharing her passion for food and history with the world through her books: The Gilded Age Cookbook, The Thousand Dollar Dinner and Mrs. Goodfellow: The Story of America’s First Cooking School. She lives in Yardley, Pennsylvania. Connect with The Gilded Age Cookbook: Shop | Instagram Disclaimer:This product was received from the Company for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post are my own and I was not…

The Sound from Boomin Belts is WOW!

Boomin Belts is amazing. The sound is so clear, and the style is impeccable. I needed a new belt, and thought, “why not try Boomin Belts?” When I’m cutting grass, or messing around in the garage, the sound is right there. It’s amazing, and so incredible. The water resistance is wonderful, because I sweat profusely. It’s lightweight, allows me to take a phone call, with the touch of a button, and even is Bluetooth enabled. It fits up to a 56-inch waist, as well. I love Boomin Belts. The style is great, and it goes with my jeans. I love that my music is in the palm of my hand. I don’t have to carry my cell phone out and about. It can be in my pocket or on my shelf in the garage. No matter what the great sound is in my fingertips. There’s black or gray, in this exceptional belt. You will love it as much as I do. Get it for yourself, and even as a gift, for the busy man/woman in your life. My wife has one as well and uses it when she is cleaning around the house. There’s a video here, where you can…

Peter Grimm Hats Cyber Monday Deal!

Peter Grimm Hats are the perfect gift for this holiday season! My brother-in-law loves his hats, and so when I came across this amazing sale on hats, I had to order him a great looking hat for Christmas. So many wonderful hats to choose from. Go check them out on Cyber Monday! Use code: BLACKFRIDAY30 to get 30% off, at checkout!

Air Warriors EZ Fire Blaster has brought a lot of joy to my 12-year-old

Air Warriors EZ Fire Blaster, from Target, is a must buy gift this year. Jacob has been playing with this gun, for a month. He loves it, and all of the extras that came with it. He’s loving the accu-blast darts, and the banana clips, as well. He really enjoys this EZ Fire gun. The EZ Pull Slam Fire is just that. Highlights With all of those highlights, who wouldn’t love this Air Warriors gun. This gun will bring your favorite kid a lot of fun. They will love opening this amazing gun on Christmas morning and seeing their face will be priceless. Connect with Air Warriors Fire Blaster: Shop Disclaimer:This product was received from the Company for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post are my own and I was not paid to endorse it. I am only voicing my opinion about this product.

Lemongrass Farms Natural Insect Repellent for the Win
2023 Holiday Gift Guide / November 15, 2023

Lemongrass Farms Natural Insect Repellent is so great. My husband had to cut the grass, in Pennsylvania, the other day, and he used Lemongrass to prevent the bugs from getting on him. It worked wonderfully. We’ve had unlikely warm (60s) temperatures recently, so it’s all about getting the outdoor stuff done, before it gets too cold. The bugs did not go near him, and he said it was wonderful to not have them flying at him. The kid’s formula was tested by my 12-year-old, while he was riding his quad. He said it worked great. When he got off the quad, no bugs landed on him when he was putting it back into the garage. We’ve been looking for a formula that would allow Jacob to go outside. He doesn’t like bugs at all. The Scram! Area treatment to keep flies away is a miracle worker. We had those darn little gnats in the kitchen, but we sprayed around the sink, and they haven’t come back. All of the formulas are all-natural, plant based, and free from any harsh chemicals. This is all wonderful to know. There’s also no greasy residue, like with leading brands. And they are 100% natural….

Better Body Foods are Great!
Fall Gift Guide / September 17, 2023

My daughter, age 26, has been mesmerized by Better Body Foods. That’s all she’ll eat now. She says, “Better Body Foods are so good, and good for you.” There’s flour, to make cookies, and oils to fry food in. She’s made a ton of cookies, with just one bag of PB Fit. The peanut flour is delicious. The cookies have come out flawless every single time. The Oat Milk is what she’s been drinking for years, because she has lactose intolerance. She says there’s no lactose free milk that tastes as great as this Oat Milk. She uses it in everything like mashed potatoes, cookies, and to just drink milk. The Better Body Foods oil line is amazing. The avocado oil is what we’ve been using for the last few months. It has a great flavor and is great when frying food. There’s so much to choose from with Better Body Foods, and they will help with allergies. If you are lactose intolerance, or just want to eat vegan, this is the line for you. It’s a great variety that tastes delicious. Connect with Better Body Foods: Shop | Facebook | Pinterest Disclaimer:This product was received from the Company for…

Humble Chips are Fantastic!
Fall Gift Guide / September 17, 2023

I love Humble Chips. They are delightful and delicious. My son, age 12, kept stealing the bags. The chips are light and so crispy. We couldn’t keep them in our house. My favorite is the Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar. They have such a fresh taste. So fresh, and you won’t have that greasy feeling on your fingers when you finish eating. And they are organic. There are also other flavors, such as Original, Smoky BBQ and Creamy Dill. We have tried them all! My son says they are all delicious. I mean, he’d know, he kept stealing them. I like the Creamy Dill, but as I said the Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar is the bomb. It’s so cool because the packaging is biodegradable. You can throw it out and not worry about what will happen to it. It’ll become compost. Check out the store locator as well. Connect with Humble Chips: Shop | Facebook | Instagram Disclaimer:This product was received from the Company for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post are my own and I was not paid to endorse it. I am only voicing my opinion about this product.

Rosie Likes It ~ is my favorite Etsy Go-to Shop
2023 Gift Guides , Fall Gift Guide / September 3, 2023

Rosie Likes It We LOVE the shop, on Etsy, called “Rosie Likes It“. They have some amazing products, including: tote bags, shirts, mugs & cups and so much more. You’ve got to take a look at Rosie Likes It! My wife received this amazing tote bag, with personalization of our kids names. She carries that bag everywhere now. The products are top quality, with some great personalization. Rosie Likes It does Monster shirts as well. Rosie will find an image, for your child, and the shirts are so adorable. My Jacob got such a cute one. There’s also so much for Halloween. Rosie Likes It will be on my list of shops to buy from for years to come. I love going over there a couple times a week to see what else I can find that’s so adorable for the wife. I love these “Most Likely” shirts! They’re perfect for different things. You can even get your own custom quote! What’s better than this. If you’re getting married, have these shirts made for the bridal party, both guys and girls. They’re so nice. The quality of the shirts is so great. It’s not a cheaply made shirt, Rosie Likes…


CENTR brand is so amazing. I received CBD powder from them, and it’s so tasty. The unflavored Balance was amazing. I added it to my Diet beverage, and I felt a balance in my mood. It didn’t add a strange flavor, because it was unflavored and I didn’t even know it was in my soda. Balance isn’t the only formula they offer. There’s also recover and relax. My wife loves the relax, she says it makes her feel at peace. She lets the worries go for the day and is able to concentrate on whatever she is doing. There’s no high feel but it makes her relaxed. The Recovery also tastes delightful and makes me feel recovered from a long day at work. There’s no caffeine in any of the formulas, and it helps to sleep. I found my new Electrolyte drink. No more flavored water with no CBD. I’m changing to CENTR full time. I’ll be ordering more after I write this review. It’s also a Dietary supplement. And helps me to suppress my appetite. It works for me! From the website: CENTR Instant Balance is great any time. It’s unflavored, so you can add it to your favorite…

Once Upon A Book Club is Getting Me Ready for Back-to-School this Fall

I love Once Upon a Book Club! I’ve been reading with this company for approximately three years. The books are always so intriguing and worth the time. I love the presents I receive with each book, as well. I love reading, after all, I am a teacher! So, I try to read as much as I can, and stay up to date with life, so that I can talk to my students about it daily. So, the book above, is the one I read this month. It’s such a wonderful book, and the prizes are so cool too. That’s right, I said “prizes”. You get wrapped gifts, and it tells you when to open each one. The prizes go with a corresponding paragraph on the page. They are always so surprising though. I’m never expecting it to be what it is. I’ve always enjoyed reading, but these books are special because of the motivation behind the reading. Even if you don’t like to read, you’ll really enjoy doing it with a goal on certain pages. There’s always at least 4 gifts. Sometimes there can be a couple more, depending on the book. There are subscriptions for Adults, Young Adults, and…