Book Tour: Pirates Don’t Go To Kindergarten! By Lisa Robinson

August 7, 2019

Pirates Don’t Go To Kindergarten! is a supreme book.  If you have a child who is afraid to go to the next level in school, this book is for you.  See Emma was in Preschool, and was afraid to move up to Kindergarten, but her Preschool teacher reassured her, and she went ahead.  It’s a fantastic book to read to your little ones, especially right before school starts.

My little one is going to 3rd grade, but we read this together, and he loved it.  My daughter is going into her last year of college, to be a teacher, and she can’t wait to add it to her books, for when she starts teaching.  She said, Pirates Don’t Go To Kindergarten! is a special book that I think the kids I get will love”.  I think she’s right.

Jacob is afraid of moving up, every year, because there’s change.  This book has helped him see that change can be good.  And, I really enjoyed reading it, with Jacob.

Pirates Don’t Go To Kindergarten! is very inexpensive, at only $6.99, and is a great asset for the new school year.  You will love it, and so will your little ones.

I can’t wait for Sarah to have her own classroom, and be able to read this book to her students.  It took the fear out of Jacob, for starting 3rd grade.  This really is a miracle worker.

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