Life Around 2 Angels Bath Bombs are Great!

May 25, 2019

Life Around 2 Angels

Bath Bombs

My 8 year old loves his bath bombs.  And, Life Around 2 Angels sent me some fabulous scents.  He loves taking a bath, when he’s got one of their bath bombs in the tub.  There’s one with glitter, and one with gold.  Those were his favorites, yeah they are both gone now.  The scents are amazing.  All in one little bath bomb.  Well, I should not say little, because they are a great size.

Her page is an Amazon link, and there’s more than one kit, but this is a great kit, at a great price, that is pictured above.  Twelve fabulous bath bombs for a wonderful price.  The link is above, and below.  We’ve paid a pretty penny for some brands, but these are greatly priced, and worth every penny.  Jacob loves this brand, so I’ll be doing business again in the near future.

The Bath Bombs are shipped, and get to you in one piece.  They also are wrapped individually, so not to mix the scents.  These truly are fabulous.

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