Crated With Love was so fun on Valentine’s Day

February 18, 2019

I can’t go out much, because I deal with Panic Disorder.  And, well, Valentine’s Day, and all the people, I couldn’t go out.  So, we had a Valentine’s Date at home, with Crated With Love.  It was so special.  We started with the book that came with Crated With Love, so we knew what to do.  Our box was Our Sweetheart Safari.  It was so much fun, and super cute!

The book has challenges in it, so Challenge One was “Our Safari Skills”, Challenge Two:  “Lions, Tigers and Bears”, Challenge Three:  “Jungle River Excursion”, Challenge Four:  “Our Goals Journal”.  These are so cute, and so fun to do with the person you love, for a special day, or any day.  We just picked Valentine’s Day, because my spouse knew I couldn’t be around all those people.

Why a Date Night, you may ask, well here’s the answer found on Crated With Love:

Couples that have dedicated “couple time” at least once a week are 3.5 times more likely to classify their marriage as “very happy” compared to those couples who enjoy less quality time together.

My daughter, age 21, and her boyfriend, age 22, even asked if they could borrow the Crated With Love box, before they became subscribers, to make sure they loved it too.  Well, Saturday was their date night, and they loved it too.

So you have 40 something’s, and 20 something’s that both think Date Night is important!

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