If you have a daughter, Kidpik is for you!

January 17, 2019

Kidpik<www.kidpik.com> offers a uniquely designed, limited edition, outfit driven fashion collection of premium apparel, shoes, and accessories for girls sizes 4 – 16. Kidpik combines the luxury of personal styling with the convenience of home shopping; designed exclusively for the girls in your life and tailored to your budget.

Girls take an interactive style quiz to define her individual style. This will land her in one of four categories: classic, trendy, active, or girly. After completion, girls will receive a head to toe box of style featuring 7 high-quality fashion selects of 5 ready to wear pieces, shoes, an accessory, and a free fun gift (everything from fidget spinners to iron patches to customize denim)!

All for an average of $89.99 – an unparalleled value for the quality of the product inside and 2-3 head to toe looks!

Giving back is part of the sprit of the holidays… kidpik has partnered with GOOD + Foundation where girls can choose to donate any unworn product instead of returning or exchanging items and give to families and children in need.

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