Big Foot Fun Book is keeping my 7 year old entertained

November 9, 2018

Big Foot Fun Book is a great activity book for kids of all ages.  Jacob, my 7 year old, loves it.  I actually copy the pages for him, on our copier, and then he can have fun over and over again.  I learned to do this a while back.

There’s over 80 great stickers, fun puzzles, coloring pages, and fun facts included.  This is sure to make any child’s Holiday a little more fun.

My 21 year old, daughter, is studying to be a teacher.  She loves some of these pages, for when she teaches.  She said she can take them into her classroom, and the kids would all love them.

This big book is the first-ever kid’s activity book featuring BigFoot, the lovable furry humanoid!  Discover an amazing array of entertaining activities inside, from whimsical mazes and riddles to search and find puzzles, word games, coloring pages and more.  Fun facts help young readers learn more about the world we live in.  And a bonus 8 page section includes more than 80 free stickers.

There’s even a Big Foot book series.  Get the child in your life the series.  They will love it.  There BigFoot Goes on Vacation, BogFoot Spotted at World Famous Landmarks, BigFoot Visits the Big Cities of the World, BigFoot Goes Back In Time.  These are all sure to peak your child’s attention.

Inside BigFoot Fun Book!

  • Search-and-Find Stumpers
  • Brainteaser Riddles
  • Mind-Boggling Mazes
  • Word Search Puzzles
  • Cool Coloring Pages
  • Fun Fact Trivia
  • Dynamic Drawings
  • Crossword Conundrums
  • Word Scramble Twisters
  • Awesome Stickers

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This product was received from the Company for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post are my own and I was not paid to endorse it. I am only voicing my opinion about this product.


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