Nomi Network

September 29, 2018

Human trafficking enslaves nearly 46 million people and is the most profitable illicit industry in the world, bringing in $150 billion every year. We can’t all rescue women and children who are victims of sex trafficking – but we can do a small part to help them in their journey to freedom. Nomi Network is a non-profit that not only assists in getting victims out from human trafficking but then works with them to gain skills needed to succeed. They even work with big brands like Fossil and Sephora to mentor women and teach them real-world skills so they can support their families.

One of the ways these women create opportunities for themselves is through the design and construction of unique jewelry, apparel, handbags, totes, and coin purses. They make everything themselves and all profits go right back into the programs needed to support these women.

So for this holiday season, why not use your purchasing power for the good? These women are very talented and have created truly gorgeous items, with prices ranging from an $8 coin purse to a $90 silver pendant necklace, designed by a former refugee and written in the Cambodian word for “love.”

And their “I Believe in Her Tote” is their best-selling item, $28, which is signed by the woman who makes it herself:

For a conversation piece, the Pink Stone Bullet Necklace, $60, is made from repurposed bullet casings:

You can find Nomi Network through their website, on Instagram, and on Facebook.



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