Star Wars Rebels Season Four Coming to Blu Ray on July 31

July 26, 2018

I have already watched Star Wars Rebels Season 4.  And, all of the bonus footage.  Digital download is available now, Blu Ray will be available next Tuesday!

My 7 Year Old is watching it, again, as I write this.  He is thrilled with Season 4.  Usually he’s on his iPad, or Xbox, but now he’s actually taking a break, to watch this great cartoon series.  You need to check out the Bonus extras.  They are so fun to watch.

Available July 31, Star Wars Rebels: The Complete Fourth Season features some of the most critically-acclaimed Star Wars storytelling to date, with compelling characters, harrowing conflicts and astounding space battles. Old friends are reunited and new alliances are forged as Star Wars Rebels builds to an epic conclusion, drawing connections to the entire Star Wars saga.

My 21 year old, daughter, is actually watching with my 7 year old, son.  They love Star Wars, so when this video was available, we snatched it up.  There’s so much Bonus Footage on this Blu Ray, I can’t get over all of it.  It’s so cool to watch the bonus stuff, on a blu ray, from a cartoon.

Bonus Extras:


  • Six Audio Commentaries 

Featuring Dave Filoni (Executive Producer)

  • Ghosts of Legend

As paths come together, we explore the journey of the Ghost crew with some of the talented people who brought them to life.

  • Force of Rebellion

Executive Producer Dave Filoni shares insights into the Force and its importance across the Star Wars saga.

  • Kevin Kiner: The Rebel Symphony

Go behind the scenes with composer Kevin Kiner to discover what inspired some of the most iconic music in the series.

  • Rebels Recon

Go behind the scenes with the cast and crew in 8 entertaining and information-packed episode recaps!

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