Tangled: Queen For A Day

December 16, 2017

Tangled:  Queen For A Day would be a great DVD for that special little girl, in your life.  Tangled is one of my favorite Disney movies, so when I found out about this DVD, I had to get it.  I watched it with my 6 year old, son, and he really enjoyed it as well.  There’s really nothing that says boys can’t watch too!  It really has a great story line, for the little ones.  And, it’s a series, so there is more to come.


Tangled: Queen For A Day will keep your child quiet, for a short period of time.  Not saying TV is a babysitter, but if you are going to watch too, be able to watch uninterrupted.

This would be a great added Christmas gift, this year.


When King Frederic and Queen Arianna go out of town to celebrate their anniversary, Rapunzel becomes QUEEN FOR A DAY! It may be her first turn as a leader, but Rapunzel is confident ’cause she’s got this! However, when a terrible blizzard threatens Corona and her parents, the Princess is faced with some gut-wrenching decisions! Can Rapunzel and her friends save the day? Bursting with action, music and fun, this thrilling adventure will blow you away!


Download Tangled The Series - Queen for a Day Activities
Check out the fun activities that your little one can do, while watching Tangled.

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