Kennywood Holiday Lights are Fantastic This Year

December 10, 2017

We have made this a tradition, in our family, and we are not disappointed.  Kennywood’s Holiday Lights Show is Fantastic this year.  They are exceptionally great this time around.  We even got close to Santa Claus, with no long line.  We were able to see him, and Jacob just adored that part of the trip.

Santa will be here in a few short weeks, and if you haven’t already, go to see the Holiday Lights at Kennywood.  You will love it, whether you have little ones, or not.  We, of course, got some toys, for Jacob to bring home.  They are really cool, and were inexpensive.  The tree has a strobe light on the bottom, and it reflects off of everything.  Really Cool, Kennywood!

Seeing Santa, and Christmas Kenny The Kangaroo, was the first thing we did, in the park.  We wanted to get there, before the line got too long.  So we got there at 5:45 pm.  We were there with a few more people, but the wait was so short.  Usually the line is really long, to see Jolly Old Saint Nick.  We were in and out, within 15 minutes.  Jacob loved being able to tell Santa what he wants for Christmas.  This was a highlight of our trip.  And, Jacob is usually scared of Santa, but this one made his night.

We went through Kiddyland, and Jacob got to ride a few rides.  He really enjoyed his time at Kennywood.  Kiddyland is his favorite section, and the lines weren’t long there either.  We got really lucky this year.  Usually we wait a while to get Jacob on the rides, and then wait while Jacob rides the rides.  Jacob usually gets bored with the wait.  I’m sure it had to do with the fact the temperature was only 22 degrees, when we were at Kennywood.

They do have heating stations, so you can get the feeling back to parts of your body.  The cooling stations are really nice, and it only takes seconds to get warmed up.  You can also get Pizza, or Potato Patch Fries, along with a delicious Hot Cocoa.  The Hot Cocoa was my favorite part of the trip.  It was so delicious.  I don’t know why I can’t make it like that at home.  And, while I was drinking it, I stayed nice and warm.

The way Kennywood is all lit up, is Fantastic.  It really is an enjoyable site to see, this time of year.  With no long wait lines.  We were there for 2 hours, and got to see the entire park.  Open rides were really cool too.  My husband, and son, as well as my Mother in Law, and Father In Law, really enjoyed themselves.  Our pictures will last a lifetime, but we will have to go again next year to see some more great lights, and enjoy more rides, with Jacob.  While he’s young, and still believes, this is so much fun.  We will even enjoy after that, because my 20 year old, daughter, still loves going to Kennywood Holiday Lights.

The big tree is always our favorite picture.  What a fantastic site.  You can see that we aren’t the only ones that love this picture.  Others are taking the same photo.

Make sure you get your tickets and go tonight.  Or, any weekend between now and the end of the month.

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