Lightboxarts are Great for Anytime of Year

September 29, 2017

Lightboxarts are so much fun.  They shine a little light on any subject.  From Halloween, to Christmas, to just a special mom, you can get them all over at Lightboxarts.

Lightboxarts are great.  They light up a dark, dull room, with their light.  You can get them in 4 different types of wood.  They really have made my day, and my 20 year old, daughter’s day.

I love the Halloween Lightboxarts, they will make our decorations a little brighter/scarier.  You can check out the Halloween choices, by clicking on the above or below links.

The Christmas Lightboxarts will light up the tree, a little brighter.  You can check out all the Christmas choices, too, simply by clicking on the link.

I just saw, on Lightboxarts, where you can get 10% off your first purchase.  Simply sign up for their newsletter, and get 10% off.  What a great discount.  Once you have one, you will love them all.  You won’t stop at one.  They are addicting.

My goal:  putting a Lightboxarts in every room of the house.  They make great night lights, and we can turn off all the big lights.  My 6 year old is afraid of the dark, so my house is lit up like day, even in the middle of the night.

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