What Makes the Wait for Festive Season Exciting?

September 25, 2017

Every culture has its own type of festival and these festive moments bring in a lot of joy, happiness, and excitement in our lives. We know that these festivals come with holidays and that’s when lovely surprises in the form of gifts or trips can be planned with loved ones. Especially, those people who stay away from their family members make it a point to catch up with the loved ones during such festivals. Here are some of those common reasons which make our wait for the festive season a thrilling one.


Anticipation of great gifts: We all anticipate some kind of gifts from our loved ones and friends during important festivals like Diwali, Dusshera, Christmas, or Raksha Bandhan. Our mind keeps on thinking “what would be daddy’s Christmas gifts or brother’s Diwali gifts?” We drop hints on our loved ones about our choice of gifts and this is a lovely process. This unwrapping of gift packets gives all of us immense happiness and this anticipation keeps us thrilled for the upcoming festivities.


Dressing up: This point is for those who love the idea of shopping for new clothes. New clothes are important in preparing us for festive moments. We know that there would be gathering of friends and relatives in our home during festivals and we simply love this idea of dressing up. Those never ending make-up sessions with cousins or friends is a thrilling thing.


Food and Sweets: Everyone would agree to this fact that they really wait for the festival specific food and sweets for the rest of the year. The food and sweets seem to be tastier during the festive moments and may be it has got a lot to do with the gathering of loved ones under one roof. There are much love and happiness in sharing the same food and sweet with loved ones. The rum n raisin cake of Christmas or the Laddoo of Diwali or the Coconut Laddoo of Dusshera are a great way of bonding.


Sense of freedom: There is an inexplicable sense of freedom that works in our mind during festivals. For a child, this freedom from regular studies and tuitions is relieving and for an adult the freedom from board rooms and meetings is relaxing. There would be tensions and problems in all brackets of age but festivals make us forget everything negative or distressing and we enjoy a blissful time.


Shopping Day Out: Yes, online shopping have come up with new ideas of shopping and delivery but the idea of entering physically into a shop and buying desired products would never go away from our mindset. Buying gifts for Christmas or Lohri or Karva Chauth from local shops is a tedious job but there remains a lot of excitement in that. Going out for shopping for festivals means a full day out without cooking and any other domestic chores. Those home-makers who remain stuck in their home 24><7 finds relief in this idea of shopping.

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