Ella Tina Consultant: Billie Jean LaBrosse

June 14, 2017
MY WHY ! ❤❤

They ask you to post in your group your WHY ?

Why I wanted to become an Ella Tina consultant ? Well let me tell you my little story on how I got HERE !

I was in the queue to become a Lularoe consultant. I was already to go !! My LuLa room was all ready. I was waiting for my call with money in my hand.

I lost both of my parents 5 months apart and I have a brother with special needs (his name is Frankie) that I am now taking care of. Well the day before my call to onboard with Lularoe I took my brother to the doctors to find out he had stage 4 throat and neck cancer.

I received my call the next day to onboard. I couldn’t do it, there was no way I could onboard at this time with a full time job taking my brother to radiation and chemo for 9 weeks and taking on Lularoe.

My first priority was my brother.

That was a long nine weeks let me tell ya, it seemed like years but with the support from family and friends we did it and we are done ! Frankie is NOW CANCER FREE !! He is still recovering from the radiation and is still trying to put weight back on but he is a fighter and will be back in no time!

So here we are ! I decided ELLA TINA would be a better fit for both of us at this time and I’m so happy and excited that I can share this new adventure with all of you.

Thank you all for supporting me in this New Business ELLA TINA 💕

And that’s my WHY !!
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