OverNight Oats are Fantastic!

May 2, 2017


Dave’s Gourmet has come up with this fantastic Gluten Free recipe for Overnight Oats.  They are not just Gluten Free, but also, Fiber and Protein Rich, and Made in the USA.  This is fantastic.

Overnight Oats are delicious, too.  My mom loves them, and so does my wife.  We really think highly of Dave’s Gourmet, so when I saw that I could try this product, I got some.  My wife loves the Cinnamon Raisin, while my mom’s favorite is Blueberry Vanilla Almond.  There are some other flavors as well.

The process to make your oats is easy.  You add milk, just above where the oats end, and refrigerate overnight.  In the morning, you can either eat cold, or heat.  My wife heats her oats for approximately 1.5 minutes.  She loves them warmed up, but wasn’t apposed to trying them cold, and she said they are still delicious.  But, in her eyes, oats should be warm.


The all natural ingredients, in Overnight Oats, is a major factor for my family.  My mom has Stage 4 Cancer, and will only eat all natural products, at this point.  And, my wife is on the All Natural kick too.  She says it’s so much better than all the no good stuff they add to food.  We, literally, make our own sweet corn, from corn stalks we grow.  We also have a huge garden, so we know what we are getting in our food.  So Overnight Oats being Organic, and All Natural is great.

My wife, and mother, also agree that they are filled, or have that filled feeling when they are done eating Overnight Oats.  Not still hungry, wanting something else.

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This product was received from the Company for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post is my own and I was not paid to endorse it. I am only voicing my opinion about this product.

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