Join Me at Tekko: David Lawerence Convention Center, Pittsburgh Pa

April 8, 2017


Great Entertainment at this year’s Tekko.  You really need to join us, to get the real feel.
Here’s what we’ve experienced so far:

tekko-2 tekko-3 tekko1

Everyone is so friendly, and kind. We are really enjoying ourselves, as will you.

We even tried this, do you know what it is?


If you said “Chocolate Covered Bacon” you would be correct. And it was delicious. Come on down to try it yourself.

We will be at the David Lawerence Convention Center for the rest of the weekend, with more updates for the fans.  But, if you can, please come down and join us.  You will have a lot of fun, and get to know some really cool people too.

Connect with Tekko:    See what there is to see


I received tickets for this event, to publicize the information to you, the fans.  Thank you for being fans, and please, come join in the fun.

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