HoopMama’s Hoops for the Holiday

November 30, 2016


Who doesn’t love to Hula Hoop?

My 19 year old, daughter, and my wife, are pretty much experts, now.  With Hoopmama’s Hula Hoops, they’ve learned so much in two weeks.  My 5 year old, son, is getting the hang of it, but he didn’t catch on as fast as Sarah, and Steph.  They have so much fun, playing in the evening with Hoopmama’s.  And, Jacob loves the Superman Hula Hoop that was sent for him.  We are having so much fun, together.  Now that we have these hoops, it’s giving us something to do with our time.  We would just sit on our butts, and watch television, but with Hoopmama’s hoops, we are getting a little bit of exercise.  My daughter, Sarah, really gets a workout.  She says how much fun she’s having.


We are remodeling, so everything is moved around in our home, but Sarah goes in the addition, and goes to town, with her hoop.  I’ve never seen the girl have so much fun.  Even Steph, my wife, is having fun, and she doesn’t exercise, like she’s supposed to.  However, she says she can feel the burn in her thighs, after she plays with Hoopmama’s hoops.

You can see, in the above picture, that they have Glow In The Dark Hoops.  These are so much fun.  We can’t see each other, but we can see the hoops.


Until Dec 12, 2016, you can get a Free Hoop, with any $28, or more, purchase.  This is great, if you have a big family, and will need lots of hoops.  Even if you only need a couple hoops, it’s still worth it.  I love that my family is having so much fun with Hoopmama’s Hoops.

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