Blue Lake ECOLIFE Clear Tape & Dispenser Review

March 17, 2024

I recently received Blue Lake ECOLIFE Clear Tape & Dispenser. It’s so nice to have a dispenser that is biodegradable and can be put into the Earth.

The tape dispenser is made from 100% Plant Fiber materials. There’re also no toxic chemicals. You also get a dispenser and 4 refills. This will last you awhile. I love how easy it is to use.

The plastic-free casing is easily stored and can be put just about anywhere. It’s the perfect size. It’s smaller than most of the tape dispensers out there, so I can have added space on my desk.

It’s even wrapped in plastic-free packaging, making it easy to throw the packaging away in your recycle bin, in our “Shared Earth” as well.

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This product was received from the Company for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post are my own and I was not paid to endorse it. I am only voicing my opinion about this product.


  • Lauryn R March 29, 2024 at 1:53 pm

    This is an awesome tape dispenser! I love that it can be recycled, this is so great. My kids go through tape like crazy, so it is nice that they can recycle it when it’s gone.

  • Jodi Hunter April 18, 2024 at 5:28 pm

    This is an incredible idea, love it.

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