#CrazyThankful November is Give Thanks Month

November 12, 2015

thanksgiving What are you Thankful for?

Let’s all post what we are thankful for.  But, only 1 per day, for 30 days.

Can you do it?  Let’s see.

#1.  My Crazy, Wonderful Wife, Stef (owner at Life With My Two Kids).

#2.  My wonderful, adorable son, Jacob.  He’s 4.

#3.  My Father, who has been my hero for 42 years:  Joe Sr.

#4.  My step daughter, Sarah.

#5.  My Mother, Dolores.

#6.  My Sister, Angel.

#7.  Life, I had a heart attack on Wednesday, November 4, 2015.  So I’ve learned to appreciate life.

#8. My Job.  I’m glad I have a job.  A lot of people can’t find one, or can’t work.

#9.  For running water.  Without it I couldn’t shower.

#10 My fans.  I couldn’t make it through if I didn’t have all of you

#11 The Veterans (Past and Present).  Thank you.

#12 I’m Thankful for:  Being able to go back to work, after only a week off, after a heart attack, instead of 6 weeks.

#13 I’m Thankful for the doctors that took care of me at the hospital.

#14 I’m Thankful for my Aunt, who helps my wife clean, because she’s got depression, and some other illnesses that makes it hard for her.

#15 I’m Thankful for my fans.  Thank you all for continuing to join me!

#16 I’m Thankful for going back to work today.  My heart attack was a little over a week ago, and though doctors want me to take 6 weeks off, I’m able to go back today.


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