Think Tank Scholar for Flash Cards!

January 28, 2021

Think Tank Scholar has wonderful Math Flash Cards.  My son, age 9, is learning Multiplication, and Division, in his Fourth Grade, Online Class.  He isn’t completely getting it, so I’m working with Think Tank Scholar to make sure he does get it.  Before the flash cards, he wasn’t getting it much, now he’s getting it almost completely.  I love these Flash Cards.

There’s Addition, and Subtraction, for the younger kids, and Multiplication, and Division, for the middle aged children.  These cards have saved me some sanity.  He wasn’t getting it, much, and I was trying to teach him, but I’m not a teacher.  So, getting these cards was a wonderful decision.  But, it doesn’t stop with Math, there’s Sight Words, and Preschool Work too.

I love Think Tank Scholar, and would recommend them to everyone I know, including our fans!  Your kids will learn so much more, with this little push of help.  Jacob is already on the road to knowing all of his Multiplication, which will help him with his division.  There’s even charts, included with each kit.  Jacob may miss a day, or two, but with Think Tank Scholar, he is staying caught up.

Here’s a link to their Flash Card Games, that you and your child(ren) can play together.  These games have been proven to work in my household, how about yours?  Especially Number 1, on Multiplication!  Jacob is learning so fast now.  I’m glad, because before you know it, they’ll be on fractions!

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  • Dana Rodriguez January 29, 2021 at 7:23 pm

    I love when they combine learning with fun. These sound great!

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