Lemongrass Farms Natural Insect Repellent for the Win
2023 Holiday Gift Guide / November 15, 2023

Lemongrass Farms Natural Insect Repellent is so great. My husband had to cut the grass, in Pennsylvania, the other day, and he used Lemongrass to prevent the bugs from getting on him. It worked wonderfully. We’ve had unlikely warm (60s) temperatures recently, so it’s all about getting the outdoor stuff done, before it gets too cold. The bugs did not go near him, and he said it was wonderful to not have them flying at him. The kid’s formula was tested by my 12-year-old, while he was riding his quad. He said it worked great. When he got off the quad, no bugs landed on him when he was putting it back into the garage. We’ve been looking for a formula that would allow Jacob to go outside. He doesn’t like bugs at all. The Scram! Area treatment to keep flies away is a miracle worker. We had those darn little gnats in the kitchen, but we sprayed around the sink, and they haven’t come back. All of the formulas are all-natural, plant based, and free from any harsh chemicals. This is all wonderful to know. There’s also no greasy residue, like with leading brands. And they are 100% natural….