Tips for Balancing Remote Work and Full-Time Parenting During COVID-19
2020 Back To School Gift Guide / September 4, 2020

_By: Sheyla Scaffo, People Experience Associate & Executive Business Administrator at __Bunny Studio_ Many parents are currently navigating an entirely new normal: Working from home while taking care of their kids full-time. As school picks back up and many kids remain at home for remote learning, figuring out how to balance their schedule and a full-time job sometimes feels totally unmanageable. Most parents have had experience working remotely in one-off, unplanned situations. However, working at home day in and day out for the foreseeable future while also caring for (and in some cases, teaching) kids at home proves to be a major struggle without careful planning where needed and flexibility when possible. Read on to learn how to create better routines and habits that can help parents maintain a healthy work-life integration: 1. When possible, keep things flexible This is often easier said than done. However, when you do have the ability, consider getting creative with your work schedule to base your hours around your kids’ schedules. Giving yourself the flexibility to work differently during this time is crucial to maintaining work-life balance. This can work in a variety of ways. For example, if you’re an early morning person or a night owl, or you are used to commuting a long way, consider working on projects…

MULAN – Now Available on Disney+ Premier Access
Movies / September 4, 2020

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Clorox Scrubmate ~ For Those Tough To Clean Dishes
2020 Fall Gift Guide , Reviews , women / September 4, 2020

Clorox is one of my favorite brands, so when they introduced Scrubmate, I could resist trying it.  I use it, mostly, on my pots & pans.  It makes them crystal clean.  I love how clean my Kitchen becomes when using Scrubmate.  I even used them on my stove, and I’ve never, in 16 years, see my stove sparkle like that. The Scrubmate has a wand, with refills.  It is so easy to exchange one out, for the other, without getting all messy.  You just snap the two side buttons, into the garbage can, and put the next scrubber on.  Super easy, and no time wasted! About the Scrubmate: Make kitchen cleaning easy with Clorox ScrubMate XL Power Scrubber Kitchen Refills; removes the toughest, most stubborn messes. Effective and safe for use on granite, glass, wood, tile, grout, linoleum, plastic, porcelain and more. Not recommended for use on stainless steel.   For use with the Clorox ScrubTastic Power Scrubber and other power cleaning tools; requires Clorox ScrubMate Adapter.  Pack of four disposable pads eliminates the need to store and reuse dirty brushes.  Pre-filled with soap, these bleach-free pads allow you to quickly clean at a touch of a button to power through…