Dog Gone Breath works great for our pup
2018 Valentine's Day Gift Guide / January 21, 2018

Dog Gone Breath has been a miracle for us.  We have a 5 month old, puppy, and well her breath is bad.  With Dog Gone Breath, it’s a refreshing smell.  Not at all like puppy breath.  With the mixture of herbs, that are all natural, in Dog Gone Breath, it’s the perfect mix to cause sweet breath. The ingredients include:  Cinnamon, Peppermint Leaf Powder, Ginger Root Extract, Cardamom Seed Powder, Parsley Powder, Carrot Powder, and more.  Go here for the entire listing. You can get Dog Gone Breath in a Chewable Tablet, or in a Powder.  You choose what works best for you.  I will guarantee that your dogs bad breath will be gone. Bad breath in dogs has many causes, none of which are symptomatic of a healthy dog. Two of the most common areas of canine physiology that cause halitosis, the medical term for bad breath, are the mouth (periodontal) and the gut (gastrointestinal tract). While most products sold in the marketplace mask the symptoms by giving a dog a mint, our product goes after the root causes and works on eliminating the source of the problem. Dog Gone Breath promotes an overall healthier and thus happier dog….