Nix®, the #1 pediatrician-recommended brand for head lice treatment
Reviews / October 16, 2017

If you have a problem with Lice, this year, check out Nix Ultra Lice Removal Kit.  Nix Ultra Lice Removal Kit is helping parents kill Lice and even hard to kill super lice. We have been lucky enough to not have to deal with lice, yet this year.  My son is only in First Grade, so I am sure we will be dealing with it.  My daughter had lice in Kindergarten, from a santa claus hat, and again later on.  She’s 20 now, so she knows not to go around putting stray hats on.  My son, on the other hand, is only 6.  He thinks it’s still ok.  I yell at him, because I’ve been through it with my daughter. Now, with Nix Ultra Lice Removal Kit, even if lice becomes a problem, I am confident that it’ll be taken care of in the first take. If you’re looking for another way to be prepared, parents can find out where lice outbreaks are taking place in their area with The Nix® Lice Tracker. This online tool tracks lice outbreaks and alerts parents so they can be prepared. Parents and school nurses can utilize the real-time map to track and report outbreaks….

You will love Hickies, No tie laces
2017 Holiday Gift Guide , kids , Reviews , women / October 16, 2017

We love Hickies!  My 6 year old doesn’t know how to tie shoes yet, and with Hickies, that’s okay. Hickies are these incredibly cool looking plastic tabs that go on your shoes, in place of the laces.  Jacob can now wear lace up shoes, anytime he wants, because Hickies make it easy. Last year for Christmas, Jacob’s sister got him the coolest shoes, only thing was, they had laces, and no non lace things worked.  Hickies would’ve been great, and now we have several packs of Hickies for this purpose. You, too, will love Hickies, whether for you or your child.  My mother in law now uses Hickies.  She says it saves her from bending over to tie her shoes.  She loves them, and they are so stylish, on a 60 something woman.  And, my 6 year old loves them, because he can’t tie shoes.  So, to him, the are the perfect little trick. Never tie, never worry @Hickies Never Tie Laces on 25% off w/ code USFAM now-10/31! Make sure you get yours today, so that you can save 25% off.  Don’t forget to add the code, during checkout.  And, remember code is only good through October 31, 2017….

Mystery Tackle Box from USFG
Announcements / October 16, 2017

Mystery Tackle Box is the #1 fishing tackle subscription service offering anglers and fishing enthusiasts a fun and affordable way to discover new fishing lures, learn new techniques and catch more fish! If you, or someone you love, enjoys fishing, get them a Mystery Tackle Box Subscription today. You’ll enjoy a monthly box full of new and innovative fishing lures and products, content on how to use everything, plus stickers and special offers. Visit to learn more! My Readers Get $10.00 Off Your First Mystery Tackle Box – New Subscribers can enjoy $10.00 off their first box of Mystery Tackle Box fishing tackle subscription by using the promo code USFAM10. Get a box full of new fishing products delivered straight to your door. Subscriptions start at $15 per month. Coupon valid through December 31st, 2017. Visit to learn more!