Best Buy has a fantastic new Smart Firewall called CUJO #ad
2017 Back To School Gift Guide , Reviews / September 3, 2017

I love the new CUJO Smart Firewall.  It’s fantastic in so many ways.  I love that I can protect every item, in my home, connected to my router, with CUJO.  This is the most fascinating to me.  My Television is protected, simply by having it hooked to the router.  It’s that easy. Another great feature, is that I can control what my 6 year old does online.  He has an iPad, and he loves being online, now I can control how long he is allowed online.  This is great, since school just came back in.  With me controlling his online time, he is more likely to study more often. Parental controls features:   parental controls for all devices   internet filter   time limits   social media monitoring  pause internet  alerts and reporting remote administration user profiles and settings You can connect CUJO to your router, and control CUJO with the App.  It’s so simple to hook up, it took me about 1o minutes. The features in CUJO are amazing, and you will get so much out of CUJO.  The firewall protects malicious activity from your computer, including hacks.  You really need to go get CUJO, he’s even on sale right now….