Now Available: Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Shatter Your Senses!
2017 Back To School Gift Guide , Reviews / September 2, 2017

The new Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Shatter Your Senses! Book is spectacular.  So many great stories in it, and all true.  I love reading the Ripley’s books.  They always tell me so much stuff I didn’t know.  For example:  SEE the world’s most expensive dress ever sold at auction, worn by starlet Marilyn Monroe and covered in over 6,000 rhinestones! Ripley’s Believe It or Not! has always been so entertaining to me.  And, my wife just loves it, as well.  Now, my 20 year old, daughter, is into it.   And, we are getting our 6 year old, son, to look through it as well.  He’s starting to read, but he really enjoys the pictures, for now. The new Ripley’s Believe It or Not! is on sale now, and there’s a first look at all kinds of things, including: TASTE the freaky foods featured—from starfish skewers on the streets of Beijing to Australia’s witchetty grub! FEEL the heat as you read about Taiwan’s traditional fire fishing! SMELL the fresh air—which is sold to tourists in Guangdong Province, China, by the bag! HEAR the crowds roar as performers like AcroBritt, Short E. Dangerously, Captain and Maybelle, and Hammer Head take the stage in…

Protect-A-Bed Zefiro Memory Foam Pillow is Amazing to Sleep on
2017 Back To School Gift Guide , Reviews / September 2, 2017

I love my Protect-A-Bed Zefiro Memory Foam Pillow.  I have Stenosis in my neck, and the Zefiro pillow really helps the neck pain.  I used to wake up multiple times a night, with severe pain.  Now, I don’t wake up with any pain.  I love it!  It’s a miracle come true. Features: Soft, Light Surface Increased Airflow Pocketed Coil System Memory Foam Fill Zefiro is soft, and comfortable.  I’ve never had such comfort.  You can choose from soft, medium, or firm.  I got the soft, and couldn’t be more happy.  The Zefiro has done wonders for my neck. While Zefiro’s springs compress and expand, air circulates through the pillow. Zefiro harbors 2.4 gallons (9 liters) of air cushioning, keeping you cool while you sleep. Materials: Sleep Surface 67% polyester, 33% viscose. Fill 75% viscoelastic foam, 5% non-woven polypropylene, 20% steel coils. About the Company: At Protect-A-Bed, we strive to provide a clean, healthy and comfortable sleep environment. In order to accomplish this, we focus on innovating products and materials that create conditions essential to sound sleep. We rethink traditional approaches and try new ones. We design fabrics that wick moisture, regulate temperature, block pests, allergens and stains, so you can…

Slime Flat Tire Repair Kit works wonders
Reviews / September 2, 2017

I’ve had a slow leak, in my truck tire, for about a month.  I received this Slime Kit about 2 weeks ago.  When I filled my tire, it made that barrier where my tire is still fixed.  I can’t believe I didn’t know about this product a month ago.  I would’ve gotten it sooner.  I love Slime, and have always bought their products at our local parts store.  Now, I have a newfound love for Slime.  This kit is super.  I would recommend it to anyone who has had a leak in their tires. The Tire Repair Kit is easy to use, and it took only moments to get finished. Features include: Includes 15.2oz. Slime Tire Sealant (TPMS safe) Repairs and fully inflates your tire with the push of a button, in just 8 minutes! 4 simple steps Digital pressure gauge is integrated right into the inflator, so you can monitor tire pressure as you inflate Plugs into a standard 12-volt accessory outlet Easy to read, digital display Pressure release valve Sealant approved by leading automakers Specifications Include: Sealant seeks out and repairs punctures up to 1/4” (6mm) Non-toxic and non-corrosive Safe for tires and rims Environmentally friendly About Slime:…

Check out TravelWise Packing Cube System
Reviews , women / September 2, 2017

TravelWise is amazing, and it comes to you from EatSmart.  I love this Travel system, and my wife is already packed for our Vacation.  It’s not for a month, but she loves the travel system, so she’s already packed.  It was super easy for her to pack everything that we will need, in 3 different sized travel bags.  And, the bags fit perfectly in our suitcase. TravelWise is fantastic!  These cool bags come in large, medium and small.  The small is perfect for toiletries.  The large, for clothes, and the medium is good for everything in between.  You can also use these for everyday use. They are also great for everyday use.  We actually have an extra set, we’ve had for a while (with just 3 bags), but we use them all the time.  Our items stay nicely organized in these cube packing System. Features: 5 Piece Weekender Plus Packing Cube Set (1 Small, 2 Medium and 2 Large Cubes) let you compartmentalize similar size items and provide optimum utilization of interior luggage space. New deeper pocket design for 2017! EXTRA DURABLE – Constructed of high-quality nylon fabric; Both lightweight yet durable with 2 way easy-pull zippers EASY TO USE –…

ShowerShroom is great for collecting the excess hair
2017 Back To School Gift Guide , kids , Reviews , women / September 2, 2017

I love ShowerShroom!  My wife’s hair used to clog the drain all the time, but now that we have the ShowerShroom, that doesn’t happen anymore.  It’s been a real life saver.  No more dog hair stuck in the drain either.  We take it out once a week to clean it, and that’s all.  And, I haven’t used any drain cleaners since using ShowerShroom. ShowerShroom should be used in every home, whether it’s your home, or you are renting.  This will help in the long run.  Save yourself a headache, from having to unclog the drain.  This does that for you.  I mean, you have to clean it once a week, but no more clogged drains is HUGE! About the Company: In 2016, Juka Innovations Corporation was started by a couple of long-time friends in Glen Cove, NY. Serge Karnegie and his wife, Elena, kept having to clean out their ever-clogging bath tub drains. The couple have two young daughters and multiple pets in their apartment, so it’s no surprise that their drains clogged up so often. They partnered up with some close colleagues to bring the invention to life via crowdfunding platforms. The response was overwhelming and TubShroom was born….

ThunderShirt to help your pet during a Thunderstorm
pets , Reviews / September 2, 2017

We love ThunderShirt.   Jade has always been afraid of thunderstorms, but now that she has the ThunderShirt, she is as mild, and timid, during a storm as can be.  I can’t believe how well the ThunderShirt works.  We’ve had to use it three times, and each time, we’ve had the same outcome.  No more shaking during storms, nor crying out from Jade.  She’s so pleasant now, during those harsh times for her. The great thing, Thundershirt is made for cats and dogs.  So, no matter which one you have, you can calm their nerves during the next Thunderstorm.  There are also different colors, and different sizes, so it’s sure to fit your pet. You can see in the picture above, just how calm Jade is during the last storm.  Seriously, this Thundershirt has worked wonders for her, and I’m glad.  She’s not the same nervous dog during the storms anymore. How It Works: SAFE – Applies gentle, constant pressure, similar to swaddling an infant. EASY TO USE – Just put it on and watch the results. No training required. EFFECTIVE – Over 80% success rate as reported by families, vets and trainers. THE PERFECT VET VISIT SOLUTION – Allow ThunderShirt’s…