Back To School With Soft Soap

Soft Soap has been a favorite product, of mine, for years.  Now, they’ve added lotion to the formula.  Leaving your hands so soft, and clean, at the same time.  My 6 year old, Jacob, is so excited every time he washes his hands.  He says, “Mommy my hands are so soft”.  First I’m like “duh, it’s Soft Soap”, but then I think, “well they did add lotion to the mixture.”  Making it so fabulous. Soft Soap is the product my Mother In Law buys, as well.  So, when I gave her a bottle, with Lotion, she went crazy.  My father in law loves it.  When he’s been working in the garage, and has greasy hands, he comes in to wash up.  He always reaches for the Soft Soap.  The Soft Soap gets his hands squeaky clean, and even makes his hands nice and soft, no calluses. Our unique formula is made with a touch of lotion to lock in moisture and leave your hands feeling clean and soft. Indulge in the refreshing fragrance of aloe water and lime knowing that wash after wash, your touch is still a soft touch. All Soft Soap products are amazing, but the Soft Soap…

Back To School with TheraBreath For Kids

TheraBreath for Kids is amazing.  I’ve used it, and I have halitosis.  So, I know it works.  I denied for years, that my breath is bad, but I couldn’t take it anymore.  I mean, I did all I could growing up, and always got picked on.  Now that I’m 41, and my husband picks on me, I’m sick of it.  So, when I was offered TheraBreath for Kids, I took it.  I use it on my 6 year old, as well.  But, it’s really a miracle worker.  The taste isn’t strong, either. TheraBreath for Kids Anti Cavity Oral Rinse is great for Jacob.  Jacob’s dentist has been supposed to get their Nitrous Machine fixed, for over a year.  And, they haven’t yet.  So being that Jacob has cavities, I just TheraBreath Anti Cavity Oral Rinse to keep those cavities from becoming bigger.  We had a bad experience with Novocain, at a different dentist. Key factors about TheraBreath for Kids: – helps prevent cavities – freshens breath – no artificial colors or flavors – tastes great! kids love it! You can buy 4 (or more) bottles of TheraBreath For Kids online, at the above, or below, link. About Therabreath: TheraBreath’s founder,…

Ozeri INSTAVAC Nesting Food Storage Container Set
Announcements / August 9, 2017

Instant vacuum freshness without pumps, motors or confusing parts; Simply press down on the lid and air is forced out via the one-way valve. Patented valve removes excess air to reduce naturally occurring bacteria; It also releases pressure to prevent spills and splatters in microwaves. Wave pattern on bottom of each container keeps cut fruit and vegetables elevated from water and juices. Handy date dial allows you to record when food was first stored and monitor days kept in the refrigerator. BPA-free, stain-resistant, shatter-proof and as transparent as glass; Freezer, microwave and dishwasher safe; Satisfaction guaranteed. Order Today –