Thirty One For Back to School (or) College

We love Thirty One.  Their products are priceless.  They always have something, for every occasion. Me, being a male, you would think they wouldn’t be able to accommodate, but they do.  I was able to get a Fold N File, for my car.  This is nice, when I’m on the go, or at a conference, I can have my important paperwork with me.  Including receipts, hotel reservations, etc. My dad is starting a business, so I’ll be getting him one of these life savers too.  They are perfect for your file folders, etc.  My mom said she’ll put a quart sized baggie in it, and my dad can throw his receipts in the baggie, to be organized at a later date. You can see the handles, for easy to carry access, and you can see the pouch, in front, where I store my receipts.  And, the inside is perfect for file folders.  I love this gadget in the back of my car. Key features: Polyester Sized to fit standard hanging file folders Collapses for easy storage Cut out handles for easy transport Fits into Zip-Top Organizing Utility Tote Fit 3 into Deluxe Utility Tote for a complete storage system Approx….

Hang O Matic is great for Back To School

We love the Hang O Matic, and since my daughter will be in her 3rd year of college, this is perfect for her dorm room. She’ll be able to hang her pictures up, in square, because she’s got this nifty little tool, called the Hang O Matic.  I love it, and am jealous that she is taking it to school.  I will just have to order another one.  My wife says “It’s changed my life, I no longer need you to hang my pictures!”  Which is nice for me, freeing up some time. The Hang O Matic is so easy to use, and is a great tool to have around the house, for the women, and men in the home.  My 6 year old loves it too.  He uses it on the floor to draw nice, straight lines on his doodling paper. Features include: Hang your wall décor right the first time with the Hang-O-Matic All-in-One Hanging Tool Built-in sliding bubble level ensures your décor hangs straight and evenly Built-in metal pointers mark the wall and tell you exactly where nails should go 6′ tape measure is perfect for hanging items of any size Pointy anchor markers eliminate the need…