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Interview With Jack Varney

Posted on November 25, 2017 in Announcements

How did you get involved in the Pittsburgh Japanese Culture Society?

I am a former Marketing/Communications Executive with several Fortune 500
companies. I took early retirement to focus on hobbies and traveling. For
the past ten years I have provided my many years of Marketing expertise to
help Anime Conventions grow their base and overall business. I connected
with the Pittsburgh Japanese Culture Society nearly 3 years ago to help the
Board of Directors ensure long-term growth, stability and regional
exposure. Basically, to help organization remain both competitive and
financially sound. The end goal is to ensure the thousands of local and
regional anime fans have a continued, reliable source of cultural and
educational entertainment for many years to come.

How long have you been interested in Japanese Culture?

For decades.

What lead you to become so interested in Japanese Culture?

In my world travels the Japanese culture is both fascinating and beautiful.
It’s my favorite country to visit. The people place an emphasis on a
cultural heritage built on politeness based on a strong sense of family.
Not to mention the geography is simply breathtaking. From the mountains, to
the ocean, to the metropolis of Tokyo, it’s beauty is visually stunning.

Who is your favorite Voice Actor or Japanese Band member you’ve met?

Unfortunately, there are so many talented individuals in this category it
would be difficult to narrow down to just a few. I do know that the people
I have met who do voice acting for a living are extremely dedicated and
proud of their skills and performances (on and off the screen). As far as
bands, I do enjoy listening to “Dreams Come True”. They are a Japanese new
wave/rhythm and blues band who have been performing worldwide for nearly 30

Have you ever visited Japan?

Yes. Several times.


How did you become the lead PR for these events?

I volunteered my services and expertise. The Board of Directors are great
people who place the emphasis on the “convention experience” and attendee
satisfaction. Being a part of the senior leadership team was a natural fit.

What all goes into being in charge of an event as big as Tekko?

The answer to this question is extremely complex. First and foremost you
are working with an all-volunteer organization.
The best way I can honestly summarize it is focused leadership, dedicated*
teamwork* and flawless execution.
We have nearly 300 volunteers for Tekko alone spread across more than 10+
department. The Pittsburgh Japanese Culture Society is like a large family.
We sometimes disagree, but always have each other’s backs. Again, the goal
is to make sure the attendees have a fun time, develop new friends and
relationships and make new memories for years to come.


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