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Gilly The Grateful Superhero By Ruth King

Posted on April 29, 2019 in 2019 Summer Gift Guide

My son is 7, and Gilly The Grateful Superohero has taught him to be grateful for what he has.  Love, etc. are great things to receive.  He reads this book every night now, before bed.  It’s a great book for teaching kids of all ages the power of gratitude.  Ruth King dedicated this book to her dad.  I can understand why.

Bobbie doesn’t realize all that he has, until Gilly shows him.  Jacob, my 7 year old, can really relate to this book.  And now he has so much more respect, and gratitude.  I can’t get over the fact that he reads it, again and again.  I’m proud of all Jacob is becoming.  When Jacob outgrows Gilly; I will save the book, for the future.

Gilly the Grateful Superhero

Teaching kids of all ages the power of gratitude!

Bobbie is a little boy who isn’t very appreciative for the good things he has. One day, a special superhero named Gilly comes to visit. Gilly has a unique superpower to teach kids of all ages the importance of practicing gratitude and being thankful for everyone and everything.

Throughout the day, Gilly teaches Bobbie how to be thankful for all the blessings he has in his life, no matter how basic. From the food he eats, to the school he attends, and for his family and home, Bobbie learns to feel gratitude for it all.

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