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Star Shower Slideshow is Superb!

Posted on November 23, 2017 in 2017 Holiday Gift Guide Reviews

The Star Shower Laser Magic Slide Show is amazing.  My husband put it out, just last week, and we are now all decorated for Christmas.  My kids, ages 20, and 6, love it.  My 20 year old said “It’s so much nicer than those boring lights dad normally puts up”.  My 6 year old is in aww over the colors, and designs.  We were surprised at how well it still works in the rain.

Features include:

  • Easy to use
  • Water-resistant casing
  • 12 holiday slides
  • 3 speeds: slow, fast, and freeze
  • Indoor base to use Slide Show™ inside
  • Safe in snow and rain
  • Replaces holiday décor for Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, July 4th, and Halloween
  • Covers up to 3200 square feet
  • Bright LED Lights
  • Includes Star Shower® Slide Show™ (with 12 full-color slides, extra-long outdoors stake, indoor base, and Lifetime Guarantee)

If you want to be really festive, all year round, without the big hassle, this is the way to go.  No more climbing, and almost falling off the ladder.  You just put this in the yard, shine it on your home, and wala, you’ve got your decorations.  The Star Shower Laser Magic Slide Show is great to have around the house.

If you buy one, you get the 2nd 50% off.  So, you should get two.  We’ve covered the 2 sides of our home that the traffic sees the most.  And, we get honks now.  And, I had 2 people, so far, stop and ask where to get this product.

Connect With Star Shower Slideshow:     Shop     |     Facebook     |     Twitter


This product was received from the Company for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post are my own and I was not paid to endorse it. I am only voicing my opinion about this product.


YochiYochi 3-in-1 Safety Harness Giveaway! 5 Winners

Posted on November 22, 2017 in Giveaways

Sponsored By: Lucky Baby World

Hosted By: Love, Mrs. Mommy

5 WINNERS will receive:

A YochiYochi 3-in-1 Safety Harness! Can be used as a
walking harness, portable high chair, and cart safety strap.
TRV Giveaway!

Open to US
entrants only and must be 18+ to enter.
Giveaway Dates ~ 11/22 9:00AM EST through 12/13 11:59PM


Love, Mrs. Mommy and all participating bloggers are not held
responsible for sponsors who do not fulfill their prize
obligations. This giveaway is in no way endorsed or sponsored by Facebook
or any other social media site. The winners will be randomly drawn by
Giveaway Tools and will be notified by email. Winners have 48 hours to
reply before a replacement winner will be drawn. If you would like to
participate in an event like this please contact LoveMrsMommy
(at) gmail (dot) com.

COCO (and OLAF’S FROZEN ADVENTURE) – Check out these Clip for the Movies NOW PLAYING

Posted on November 22, 2017 in clip Disney Movies

To Find some Fun Coco Activities, Check out this post.



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Visit the official COCO website here

COCO is now playing in theatres everywhere!

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A WRINKLE IN TIME Coming in March, 2018

Posted on November 20, 2017 in Announcements clip Disney Movies


Like A WRINKLE IN TIME on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WrinkleInTimeMovie/

Follow A WRINKLE IN TIME on Twitter: https://twitter.com/WrinkleinTime

Follow A WRINKLE IN TIME on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wrinkleintime/

Visit the official A WRINKLE IN TIME website here: http://movies.disney.com/a-wrinkle-in-time


A WRINKLE IN TIME opens in theatres everywhere on March 19, 2018!



Window Wonderland is Absolute Perfection for Decorating this Holiday Season

Posted on November 19, 2017 in 2017 Holiday Gift Guide Reviews

We love the Window Wonderland!  The projector stays inside, so no one takes it, out of your yard.  And, the screen is inside as well.  The screen measures 4 foot, by 6 foot.  It’s the perfect size for a picture window.

Window Wonderland has a fantastic deal going on right now.  You buy Window Wonderland, and get a second one 50% off.  That’s so great.  You really need to get one for you and as a gift for someone else.  They will love it.

Features include:

  • 6 Halloween movies
  • 6 Christmas movies
  • Styled like old Hollywood Camera
  • No setup, no installation
  • Adjustable stand
  • 4’ x 6’ easy fit screen
  • Transforms windows into moving holiday displays
  • Includes 1 Winter Wonderland™ (with easy fit screen, 6 Halloween movies and 6 Christmas movies)

Six movies for Christmas, including Santa, and Gingerbread men.  This really made my mom’s day, when she pulled up, last night, and saw the Gingerbread men.  That’s her favorite.

You can set it to whichever movie you want, and change the movie as often as you want.  The projector is so sleek.  It’s almost not noticeable, in your house.

When you spend $50, you get FREE SHIPPING.  That’s a great deal right there.

Santa waving, will make any child’s day, as they drive past your home, looking at Christmas lights, this year.

Connect With Window Wonderland:     Shop     |     Facebook     |     Twitter


This product was received from the Company for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post are my own and I was not paid to endorse it. I am only voicing my opinion about this product.



Salonpas, with Lidocaine, is a Miracle Worker

Posted on November 19, 2017 in 2017 Holiday Gift Guide Reviews

We’ve been going to Salonpas, for pain, now, for about 3 years.  But, they’ve added a couple of products that have Lidocaine, and they are amazing.  I love the way they make me feel.  I can get up and do things again.  I don’t have to be laid up, because of back pain.  My husband just rubs the Salonpas, with Lidocaine, on me, and wow, the difference it makes.

New, cost-effective solutions for pain management awaits aching sufferers with the introduction of the Salonpas® Lidocaine Plus Pain Relieving Cream and the Salonpas® Lidocaine Plus Pain Relieving Liquid.

“Hisamitsu’s goal is to provide strong, safe, long-lasting pain relief through the use of affordable topical medicines,” says John Incledon, President  & CEO, Hisamitsu America based in Florham Park, New Jersey.  “We do this by concentrating and specializing in creating new research-driven medicinal products and formulations based on topical drug delivery systems. We developed the Salonpas® Lidocaine Plus Pain Relieving Cream and the Lidocaine Plus Pain Relieving Liquid with two powerful anesthetics: 4% lidocaine which is the maximum strength lidocaine allowable without a prescription and 10% benzyl alcohol which is fast-acting.”

Salonpas has an entire line of great products.  As I stated above, I’ve been using them for 3 years.  And, they are all great products, but the Lidocaine Plus, well it’s my new love.

My mother in law, and my 20 year old, daughter, love the Patches.  Sarah, my daughter, has a bad back, since she was about 14.  She never goes anywhere, without having a Salonpas Patch with her.  Incase she needs to have it put on her.  She always has someone with her, that can place it on her back, in an emergency.  And, we’ve done this a few times.

Connect with Salonpas:    Shop     |     Facebook     |     Twitter


This product was received from the Company for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post are my own and I was not paid to endorse it. I am only voicing my opinion about this product.


Mermaid Tails In Action ~ And Sharks too!

Posted on November 19, 2017 in 2017 Holiday Gift Guide kids Reviews women

We love Sun Tail Mermaid, and Shark, tails.  They are amazing.  My 6 year old, son, loves the shark.  While my 20 year old, daughter, loves the Mermaid.  These are going to make the Holidays so much more fun, when we gift them to their cousins.  We bought a set of each, for Jacob & Sarah, and another set of each for their two favorite cousins.


The above video, is a great feature for Sun Tail Mermaid Tails.  You really need to watch it, if you haven’t yet.  Every kid, or young adult, will love Sun Tails.  They are just fabulous.

I was going to wait, and give Jacob his for Christmas.  Then, his father reminded me that he was going to a pool party, so he could try it out.  He never took it off.  He loved it so much.

Also, there are a variety of colors, so you can pick your child’s favorite color, and they’ll love it even more.  Green is Jacob’s favorite color, and pink is Sarah’s.  So it’s a no brainer on the two I got for my kids.  However, their cousins, we weren’t sure of, so we just picked two other colors, so they’d be different.

Here’s how to get a 10% discount – Receive a 10% discount on your order at www.SunTailMermaid.com by using coupon code: BestGiftEver

Plus, get FREE SHIPPING on any size order.

Depending on what state, area, you are from, these would be perfect year around.  We are in Pennsylvania, so we have to go to an indoor pool, right now, to be able to use these.  Which isn’t a problem, because Jacob gets invited to pool parties all the time.  And, when he went, yesterday, and showed off his shark gear, all the boys wanted to know where to get it.  I sent their parents to Sun Tail Mermaid website, and explained to them about the 10% discount.  They couldn’t have been more excited.

Connect with Sun Tail Mermaid:    Shop     |     Facebook     |     Twitter


This product was received from the Company for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post are my own and I was not paid to endorse it. I am only voicing my opinion about this product.





Incredibles 2 ~ Teaser

Posted on November 19, 2017 in Announcements Disney Movies


Everyone’s favorite family of superheroes is back in “Incredibles 2” – but this time Helen (voice of Holly Hunter) is in the spotlight, leaving Bob (voice of Craig T. Nelson) at home with Violet (voice of Sarah Vowell) and Dash (voice of Huck Milner) to navigate the day-to-day heroics of “normal” life. It’s a tough transition for everyone, made tougher by the fact that the family is still unaware of baby Jack-Jack’s emerging superpowers. When a new villain hatches a brilliant and dangerous plot, the family and Frozone (voice of Samuel L. Jackson) must find a way to work together again—which is easier said than done, even when they’re all Incredible.

Like INCREDIBLES 2 on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PixarTheIncredibles/

Follow Disney/Pixar on Twitter: https://twitter.com/disneypixar

Follow Disney/Pixar on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pixar/

Visit the official INCREDIBLES 2 website here: http://disney.com/incredibles2


INCREDIBLES 2 opens in theatres everywhere on June 15, 2018!




Evergreen Elf for your Christmas Tree #EvergreenElf #sponsored #ad

Posted on November 18, 2017 in 2017 Holiday Gift Guide Reviews

We love Evergreen Elf.  He is perfect for our Live Christmas Tree.  He will make knowing when to water the tree a lot easier, because he’s a tree water monitor.  And, he’s so cute too.  He’s an added decoration to our tree.  And, my 6 year old loves him.  My 20 year old already told me she’s stealing him, when she moves out.

Evergreen Elf works with all tree stands, will help prevent Christmas Tree fires, and will keep your Christmas tree fresh longer.  If these aren’t great reasons to buy the Evergreen Elf, I don’t know what is.

Here’s some more information about Evergreen Elf:

This hardworking elf is on a mission to protect every family and Christmas tree for the Holiday season. Christmas can be hectic, but Evergreen Elf helps monitor your Christmas Tree stand water level, so you can focus on enjoying the season. The innovative and interactive Christmas Tree water monitor will alert you when the tree is dry, saving you the hassle of climbing over presents and under branches to check the water level in your tree stand.

To read more, go to this link.

There’s also a page for Frequently Asked Questions, including finding out how long the batteries will last.  Go here, to check out the Questions.

I love the Evergreen Elf, personally, and wish that I would’ve known about him sooner.  Now, my home will be safe, and sound at night.  I don’t have to worry about my house catching on fire, because this will drastically reduce the risk of my tree getting too dry, as long as I pay attention to the Audio and Visual factors of Evergreen Elf.

Connect with Evergreen Elf:    Shop     |     Facebook      |     Twitter


This product was received from the Company for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post are my own and I was not paid to endorse it. I am only voicing my opinion about this product.


Fourth Annual Holiday Giveaway Spectacular ~ Week 2

Posted on November 18, 2017 in Giveaways

Welcome to Week 2 of our Holiday Giveaway Spectacular.  Please visit the pages listed on the Rafflecopter to enter.  Thanks for your time!

4th Annual Holiday Giveaway Spectacular: Week Two

Hosted By:

Holiday Contest and Sweeps

Co-Hosted By:

Beautiful Touches

Do Not Pet

Tom’s Take On Things

Michigan Savings and More

Java John Z’s

The Ministers Wife

My Devotional Thoughts

Networking Witches

Everyday Southwest

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Everyday Gizmos Sweeps & Views

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The Homespun Chics

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Presents The:

4th Annual Holiday Giveaway Spectacular: Week Two

1- Winner

Holiday Contest and Sweeps is honored to bring you the 4th Annual Holiday

Giveaway Spectacular Week Two of Three Weeks of Great Giveaways with the help of a

great group of terrific fellow blogs. This week is a combined group of amazing sponsors

have come together to make this Holiday Giveaway possible for all of you.

One lucky winner whom resides in the Continental United States and is eighteen

plus years of age will win this great prize package. Entering is simply, just complete the entries on the rafflecopter entry form for your chance to win.


Let’s wait no longer , here are the prizes being offered in this weeks giveaway.


1 – Ergo Chef Crimson G10 18pc Cutlery Set

1 – Enchantails Mermaid Slumber Bag Set

1 – Alert Works NOAA Severe Weather Radio

1 – QMT 27″ Corinthian Bells Windchime

1 – The Popcorn Factory Winter Wonderland 6.5 Gallon 3-Flavor Popcorn Tin

1- Snowman Light Show Pathway Markers with Music Holiday Inflatable

1-Viatek Premium-Red & Green Laser with LED Spotlight and Holiday Music

1 – Ohio Flame 24′ Patriot Fire Pit

1- EatSmart TravelWise Packing Cube System – Durable 5 Piece Weekender+ Set

Ergo Chef


18pc. Crimson G10 Cutlery Bamboo Knife Block Set is crafted from high carbon German Steel with precision sharp edges. The handles are made with the world’s strongest G10 (Fiberglass Resin Material) in a reddish brown wood grain look finished with 3 rivets & a polished end cap for perfect balance. No maintenance is needed on the handles. Polished blades are stain resistant and easy to clean and maintain. Includes the following precision sharp polished knives & tools: 8″ Chef, 8″ Carver, 8″ Serrated Bread, 7″ Nakiri, 6″ Santoku, 6″ Utility, 3.5″ Paring, qty. 8 – 4.75″ Steak knives, an 8″ Honing Rod and Heavy Duty Poultry Shears. All fit nicely in the beautiful high quality bamboo storage knife block. Order this ultimate kitchen set today and never buy another set of knives again.

Click Here to visit the Ergo Chef Website for more amazing Cutlery Products at great prices.


Enchantails Books


 Enchantails Decals



The Enchantails Slumber Bag Set is going to be the hit of every little girls Christmas

List to Santa Claus. Maid of quality products with master craftsman ship and excellence

in every detail. Click on the link below for more Enchantails Information. The stitching

on the Slumber Bag glows in the dark and the craftsmanship is incredible. Click the link

below to visit the Enchantails Reviews and more info.


Click Here For More Info and a Chance for a extra point in the Giveaway.

Click here to visit the Enchantails Website

You can purchase Enchantails at Bed Bath & Beyond, Macy’s and Toys-R-US

Alert Works

 NOAA Severe Weather Radio

Alert Works® is a leading manufacturer of safety devices that ALERT you to impending danger.

We design and produce high quality safety products with the purpose of protecting your family and home, as well as your peace of mind.

With S.A.M.E. Localized Programmability, NOAA and Public Alert Certified

The EAR-10 Emergency Alert Radio with Weather allows the user to program the radio so that it only alerts for the desired warnings in the selected county. Warnings come immediately and directly from the source of all severe weather warnings at your local National Weather Service office.

The Emergency Alert Radio will alert you of threatening and civil

emergencies and weather emergencies. The information comes directly and

immediately from the source of the warning at your local

National Weather Service office. Information can be tailored

that you receive only the warnings that are important to you

and your family.

Click here to visit the Alert Works Website

Ohio Flame

Patriot 24″ Fire Pit

“The Patriot” American Fire Pit by Ohio Flame combines sleek and modern styling with tough American quality and durability. With no parts to break or wear out over time, this Fire Pit is built to last a lifetime. “The Patriot” is crafted from thick carbon American steel that is sourced from local steel mills. No maintenance is required for this Fire Pit, as it’s designed to withstand the elements year-round. “The Patriot” features a substantial Rain Drain to allow for water drainage. The “Natural Steel Finish” will develop a natural iron oxide patina and gradually darken over time. This Fire Pit is 100% American Made and is crafted by a local artisan. “The Patriot” is backed by Ohio Flame’s Lifetime Warranty, guaranteeing that the Fire Pit will last a lifetime.

QMT Windchimes

1 27″ Corinthians Bells Windchime


Enjoy the amazing sounds of a Corinthian Bells® windchime in a compact size that fits any budget. Our smallest size, the two-pound T106 is great as an accent piece or for adding charm to your decor without using much space.

Click here to visit the QMT Windchimes Website and a chance to win a extra point


Walkin’ in a Winter Wonderland? You’ll find these Popcorn Tins a beautiful sight upon your return. 3-flavor tins are filled with Butter, Cheese and Caramel popcorn. 4-flavor tins feature Butter, Cheese, Caramel, and festive Holiday Kettle corn. 2-Gallon tins contain 32 cups of popcorn, 3.5-gallon tins


Click Here To Visit The Popcorn Factory Website and a chance to win a extra point


Snowman Light Show Markers with music……..New fun Snow Man Holiday Inflatable for 2017. Light up your Holiday Season with these 3 Adorable Snowman ready to play some Holiday Cheer as they greet your visitors and neighbors. Large inflatable extends out 8 feet. Oh it’s the most wonderful time of the year…it will be the hit of the neighborhood!


Comes with a powerful blower to inflate the Snowman Airblown and keep it inflated.

Internal lights create a glowing night-time display.

Tough light-weight nylon is weatherproof and fade-resistant.

Stakes and tethers, Spare bulb & fuse and complete instructions are included

3.5 Feet Tall

Click Here To Visit The Standard Concession Supply Website for a great selection of Inflatables

for all year long.

Viatek Consumer Products


The brilliant Night Stars laser display you love…now equipped with

motion-activated light and sound! Kick off the season and surprise

your Trick-or-Treaters with the sights and sounds of Halloween-themed

effects! Delight your friends and family with dazzling red and green

laser light and Christmas songs! Equipped with 360° radar-based motion

Detection technology, It plays songs and sounds on queue so visitors​

never miss a note!

Click Here To Visit the Viatek Website for more great products and prices.

EatSmart Products

TravelWise Packing Cube System – Durable 5 Piece Weekender+ Set

New deeper cubes! Perfect size for that long weekend getaway! The TravelWise 5 Piece Packing Cube Set is a travel essential that allows clothes to stay folded and neat when packed in their own “small drawers”. The cubes are fantastic for staying organized on short travels and long travels alike and help you avoid overpacking. Constructed of lightweight, durable nylon, these multi-sized cubes allow you to compartmentalize similar items such as shirts, pants, undies and electronic accessories, to streamline packing. The open mesh panel affords breathability and visibility – no more digging through luggage to find that elusive sock. Suitcase security checks are less daunting since screeners can easily view contents through the mesh insert without causing suitcase havoc.


Dimensions: Small Size (1 pcs) 11.5″ x 6.75″ x 3.75″ | Medium Size (2 pcs) 13.75″ x 9.75″ x 3.75″ | Large Size (2 pcs) 17.5″ x 12.75″ x 4″

For extended trips that include a different city/ hotel every few days, TravelWise Packing Cubes let you ” unpack without unpacking”. Simply take out the cubes as needed, then pop them back in your suitcase when leaving. The TravelWise cubes make a great gift for the frequent flyer, casual traveler, biker and backpacker who needs to utilize interior space to the max. Sturdy construction offered at an economical price make the TravelWise 5 Piece Packing Cube Set a smart travel companion when going places and making memories.

I would like to thank each of our amazing sponsor for making the Holiday Giveaway Possible. and make sure you show your appreciation to them by liking, following and subscribing to them on the entry form.

This giveaway is in no way associated, endorsed or affiliated with Facebook,

Twitter, Pinterest or any other social media networking site.This giveaway will

be valid in the Continental United States Only. Entrants must be 18+ years of age to enter.

This giveaway ends at 12:00 AM (EST) 12/02/2017

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Holiday Contest and Sweeps received samples of the above products

for review purposes, no other compensation was received. All the various sponsors

will be responsible for awarding and shipping the prizes directly to the winner.

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